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Proposal and Exit Seminars

September 30

Preliminary Examination

Kwabena Sarpong

1 p.m. via Zoom

October 13

Proposal Seminar

Arjun Upadhaya
“Utilizing GWAS to Characterize Virulence in a Pacific Northwest Stem Rust Population and New Sources of Resistance in Barley”

10 a.m., Johnson 104E

October 26

Final Examination

Karansher Singh Sandhu
“Enhancing Genetic Gain in a Wheat Breeding Program Using Genomics, Phenomics, Machine and Deep Learning Algorithms”

1 p.m., Johnson 104E, Pullman and via Zoom

November 9

Preliminary Examination

Arjun Upadhaya

1 p.m., Johnson 104E

November 16

Final Examination

Nikayla Strauss
“Identifying Novel Disease Resistance and Drought Tolerance Genes in A Synthetic NAM Popluation”

11:00 a.m., Johnson Hall 104E and via Zoom

November 17

Final Examination

Samuel Prather
“Genetic Analysis of Hexaploid Spring Wheat for Hessian Fly Resistance and Improved End-Use Quality”

12:00 p.m., Johnson Hall 104E and via Zoom

November 18

Preliminary Examination

Zhou Tang

2:00 p.m., via Zoom

November 19

Proposal Seminar

Aichatou Djibo Waziri

9:00 a.m., Johnson Hall 104E and via Zoom

December 13

Final Examination

Leslie Michel
“On-Farm Cover Crop Trials in the Dryland Wheat Fallow Region of North-Central Washington”

9 a.m., Johnson Hall 104E and via Zoom