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Proposal and Exit Seminars

September 13

Preliminary Examination

Aichatou Djibo Waziri

9:00 a.m., PSB 405

November 16

Final Examination

Sarah Peery
“Exploring Vivipary as a Cause of Low Falling Numbers from Elevated Alpha-Amylase in Wheat Grain; is it a Novel Mechanism, or is it Related to Preharvest Sprouting and Late Maturity Alpha-Amylase?”

2:00 p.m., PSB 405

November 17

Proposal Seminar

Matthew Brooke
“Improving Malt Quality and Stem Rust Resistance in the Washington State University Barley Breeding Program”

Hulbert Hall 409, 10:00 a.m.

November 18

Final Examination

Alexandra Davis
“Sustainability of Organic and Mixed Crop-Livestock Systems on the Palouse”

10:00 a.m. Clark Hall 331 and via Zoom

December 13

Final Examination

Lee Opdahl
“Investigations into lactate-bound metals: A sustainable alternative to inorganic micronutrient fertilizers”

1:00 p.m., Plant Science Building 405 and via Zoom