Internships/Summer Employment

CAHNRS Internships

Each year, CAHNRS facilitates an internship application process to partner students with world-class faculty internship mentors to create a unique hands on learning experience in Pullman or at our Research and Extension and County Extension locations.

CAHNRS Academic Programs, the Agricultural Research Center, and Extension have pooled funding resources to create opportunities for CAHNRS undergraduate students to have an immersion-based teaching, research or extension internship experience. Through this support over 30 paid internship experiences are offered to students each school year.

Opportunities unique to CAHNRS have students from all majors utilizing what they learn in the classroom to solve real-world problems in fields related to their major. Faculty mentors are encouraged to submit proposals to receive funding to take on a CAHNRS student intern.

How to Complete a CROP_SCI 498 or SOIL_SCI 498 Internship

Students enrolled in CROP_SCI 498 or SOIL_SCI 498 should follow the instructions in the internship handbook (pdf).

CROP_SCI, SOIL_SCI, and HORT 495 Research Experience for Undergraduates

For information, requirements, and agreements, see the Dept. of Horticulture – Hort 495 Research Experience page.

Recurring Opportunities

American Geological Institute Geoscience and Public Policy Internships

AGI seeks outstanding geoscience students with a strong interest in federal science policy for a semester or summer internship. Interns will gain a first-hand understanding of the legislative process and the operation of executive branch agencies. They will also hone both their writing and Web publishing skills.

USA Jobs

Learn about the federal government jobs, internships, the Student Career Employment Program (SCEP), summer employment, volunteer service etc. with agencies such as the Natural Resource Conservation Service. Information specific to student hiring on the Student and Recent Graduates page and can find fact sheets and other information on a wide range of federal hiring topics on the Help Center page.

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