Robert E. Allan Plant Breeding Symposium

Past Lectures

2005, First Annual

  • Improving Alfalfa to Save Midwestern Agriculture,” Charlie Brummer, forage breeder, Iowa State University.
  • “Historical and Biological Bases of the Concept of Heterotic Groups in Maize,” William Tracy, sweet corn breeder, University of Wisconsin.
  • “Breeding Corn for Sustainable Production Systems: Despite Charlie Brummer’s Views on the Matter,” Margaret Smith, open pollinated corn breeder, Cornell University.

Dr. Jim Holland, USDA-ARS at North Carolina State University, research geneticist, “Epistasis from Molecules to Complex Phenotypes”

Dr. Andrea Cardinal, North Carolina State University, assistant professor, “Altering the Fatty Acid Composition of Soybean Seed Oil Through Genetics and Breeding”

Dr. Tom Osborn , Seminis Vegetable Seeds, Inc., director of Genetic Resources Development, “Insights and Innovations from Wide Crosses in Plant Breeding”