Professional Certification

Certification is the benchmark of professionalism. The purpose of a certification program is to protect the public and the profession.

Certified Crop Advisor (CCA)

Note that CCA’s need to take both the local and the international CCA exams, as well as having educational background and work experience reviewed by the certification board in the region in which you wish to become certified.

Soil Science Certification (CPSSc/CPSC)

The Soil Science exams needed for ARCPACS certification are offered twice yearly.

Students interested in working professionally in the area of soil science are encouraged to become certified.  The Soil Science Certification process has two levels. First: a ‘Fundamentals of Soil Science’ exam that can be taken while a student is still in school.  Success on this first exam makes you eligible to apply for ‘Associate Professional Soil Scientist’ standing. Second:  You are eligible to apply for full certification (CPSSc or CPSC) if you have 3-5 years (depending on your degree) professional soil science experience and pass both the ‘Fundamentals of Soil Science’ and ‘Professional Practice’ exams.  Along with passing the exams, education and experience are reviewed by the certification board. Performance objectives and study guides are available through the website above.

Other Certification

Certified Professional Agronomist requires experience as well as passing the International CCA exam. Certifications in Crop Science, Weed Science, and Plant Pathology are also available – and are currently based on education and experience only (no exams).