Fall 2023 Seminars

2:10 p.m.

Seminars will be held at FSHN 354 and via Zoom

Contact/Organizers: Kevin Murphy and Sarah Dohle

August 28

Michael Neff
‘WSU Grass Breeding and Ecology Farm: Rebuilding and Expanding the Turf Program in CSS’

Click here for a recording of Michael Neff’s presentation.

September 4

no seminar, Labor Day

September 11

Fabio Scarpare, Postdoctoral Research Associate, Climate Hub fellow, Dept. of Crop and Soil Sciences, WSU
“Crop water demand and supply under climate change in the Pacific Northwest”

Click here for a recording of Fabio Scarpare’s presentation.

September 18

Kayla Altendorf, USDA-ARS Hop Breeder and Geneticist
‘Improving efficiency in U.S. public hop breeding’

Click here for a recording of Kayla Altendorf’s presentation.

September 25

2023 Campbell Lecture
Ning Lu, Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Colorado School of Mines
‘Unitary Definition of Soil Water Potential’

Please note there is a change in venue for this presentation. This presentation will be held in the Biotechnology Life Sciences Building, Room 402.

October 2

Drew Lyon, Endowed Chair, Small Grains Extension and Research, Weed Science
“Smooth Scouringrush from the Dinosaurs to Direct Seed”

Click here for a recording of Drew Lyon’s presentation.

October 9

John Fowler Jr., Professor of Plant Cell and Developmental Biology, Oregon State University
‘Collaboration as Key in the Plant Sciences: Understanding Genotype-to-Phenotype Relationships & Changing Our Scientific Culture’

This presentation is sponsored by the CSS DEI Committee.

Click here for a recording of John Fowler’s presentation.

October 16

Darren Drewery, Assistant Professor, Remote Sensing and Simulation, The Ohio State University
‘Biophysical Simulation of Terrestrial Ecohydrological Function’

Click here for a recording of Darren Drewery’s presentation.

October 23

Practice Presentations for Students and Post-docs attending the Tri-Societies Annual Meeting

Click here for a recording of the presentations.

October 30

No Seminar, Tri-Societies Annual Meeting

November 6

Emily Klarquist
‘Biofortification Research Methods for Plant Breeding Programs’

November 13

WSU Graduate Student Statewide Tour Report

November 20

no seminar, Thanksgiving Break

November 27

Xianran Li
“Repurpose and revitalize long-term variety testing trial records to decode in’grain‘ed climate change”

December 4

Viviana Medina Rodriguez
‘Climate-Smart Caribbean: Enabling climate-smart decisions for agriculture in Puerto Rico and the USVI’

This presentation is sponsored by the CSS DEI Committee.

December 11

Kulvinder Gill, Professor
“Improving heat tolerance and climate resilience of wheat and other crops” 

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All trainings will be offered via zoom.