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Faculty Member Phone Number Email Address Room Number Title Area of Interest
Baser, John D. 509-355-2846 JsnH 249 Senior Instructor ag education
Brueggeman, Bob 509-335-3644 JsnH 215 Associate Professor barley breeding, molecular genetics
Brueggeman, Leah 509-335-4670 JsnH 405A Instructor
Burke, Ian 509-335-2858 JsnH 163 Professor/Scientist weed science
Carpenter-Boggs, Lynne 509-335-1553 JsnH 247 Professor organic ag systems
Carter, Arron 509-335-6198 JsnH 383 Professor/Scientist wheat breeding and genetics
Flury, Markus 253-445-4522 Puyallup Professor/Scientist soil physics – vadose zone hydrology
Fransen, Steve 509-786-9266 Prosser Associate Scientist/Extension Specialist forage crops
Friesen, Maren L. 509-335-5805 JsnH 319/321 Associate Professor
Gill, Kulvinder 509-335-4666 JsnH 277 Professor wheat breeding and genetics
Goldberger, Jessica 509 335-8540 JsnH 263 Professor agricultural sociology
Griffin LaHue, Deirdre 360-848-6127 Mount Vernon Assistant Professor  soil health
Henning Yeager, Holly 509-335-2886  JsnH 267 Clinical Assistant Professor
Hulbert, Scot 509-335-4563 403C Hulbert Hall Associate Dean and Director of CAHNRS Office of Research
Jacoby, Pete 509-335-3495 JsnH 289 Professor/Scientist weed ecology, ecophysiology
Jones, Steve 360-707-4640 Bread Lab Professor/Scientist plant breeding for sustainable, local and organic systems
Koenig, Richard 509-335-9223 JsnH 115 Professor/Interim Dean soil fertility
LaHue, Gabriel 360-848-6146 Mount Vernon Clinical Assistant  Professor
Lyon, Drew 509-335-2961 JsnH 169 Professor/Scientist/Extension Specialist/Interim Chair weed science
Madsen, Isaac  360-448-9081 JsnH 173  Extension Agronomist oilseed cropping systems
Murphy, Kevin 509-335-9692 JsnH 273 Associate Professor international seed & cropping systems
Neely, Clark 509-335-1205 JsnH 169A Assistant Professor cereal variety testing & dryland cropping systems
Neely, Haly 509-335-0947 JsnH 161 Assistant Professor
Neff, Michael 509-335-7705 JsnH 387 Professor/Scientist crop biotechnology
Perillo, Cathy  509-335-8230
JsnH 223 Senior Instructor soil management
Pumphrey, Michael 509-335-0509 JsnH 381 Professor/Scientist breeding and genetics
Quinn, Mark Assistant Scientist/Instructor
Reganold, John 509-335-8856 JsnH 257 Regents Professor agroecology, sustainable ag
Sanguinet, Karen 509-335-3662 JsnH 255 Associate Professor/Scientist crop physiologist
Schillinger, William 509-235-1933 Lind Professor/Scientist cropping systems-conservation
Sullivan, Tarah S. 509-335-4837 JsnH 231 Associate Professor/Scientist soil microbiology
Warner, Anna  509-335-1172  JsnH 259 Assistant Professor ag education
Wheeler, Tadd 509-335-7001 JsnH 233W Teaching Assistant Professor
Zhang, Zhiwu 509-335-2899
JsnH 105 Associate Professor/Scientist statistical genomics


Emeritus Faculty

Emeritus Faculty Member Phone Number Email Address Room Number Title Area of Interest
Bezdicek, David Professor Emeritus soil microbiology
Burns, John Professor Emeritus crop production and management
Cogger, Craig Professor Emeritus soil management-organic
Davenport, Joan Professor Emeritus soil fertility-irrigated
Durfey, James Professor Emeritus ag education
Frazier, Bruce Professor Emeritus soil remote sensing, GIS
Guy, Stephen Professor Emeritus crop management, variety testing
Harsh, James Professor Emeritus soil chemistry
Kleinhofs, Andris 509-335-4389 JsnH 259 Professor Emeritus barley genetics
Kuo, Shiou 253-445-4573 Professor Emeritus soil and water quality
Lumpkin, Thomas Professor Emeritus alternative crops
Pan, William Professor Emeritus soil fertility
Pierce, Francis Professor Emeritus
Stevens, Robert 509-786-9231 Professor Emeritus soil fertility
Swan, Michael Professor Emeritus ag education
Ullrich, Steve 509-335-4936 JsnH 273 Professor Emeritus barley breeding and genetics