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Soil Science Graduate Students

Abdelsalam Aldrmon

Degree sought: Ph.D. in Soil Science
Advisor: Dr. Lynne Carpenter-Boggs


Khalid Almesfer

Degree sought: Ph.D. in Soil Science
Advisor: Dr. James Harsh


Alexandra Davis standing in front of trees

Alexandra Davis

Degree sought: Ph.D. in Soil Science
Advisor: Dr. John Reganold

I grew up here in Pullman and attended WSU, where I majored in Environmental Science and Spanish. I am interested in studying ecosystem services.

Educational background: B.S. Environmental Science, B.A. Spanish


Patrick Freeze leaning up against straw

Patrick Freeze

Degree sought: Ph.D. in Soil Science
Advisor: Dr. James Harsh

I come from a small farming community nested in the “hill country” region of central Texas, but completed my undergraduate education in Reno, NV.  At the University of Nevada, I graduated with a B.S. in environmental science, and focused on soil science, environmental chemistry, biofuels synthesis/production, environmental policy and regulations, and community outreach.  After working with indigenous groups impacted by environmental degradation through large-scale mining, in both Nevada and western Africa, I ultimately decided soil science and resource conservation were the logical foundations to center my studies on for my Ph.D.As part of the Low Impact Development research program at WSU, my research will focus on the use of iron-gluconate amended compost and its ability to mitigate the impacts of agricultural land runoff through the adsorption of xenobiotics, excess nutrients, and arsenic, with the main focus being the speciation, fate, and transport of arsenic.

Education Background: B.S. (Environmental Sciences) – University of Nevada, Minor: Analytical Chemistry


Leslie Michel

Degree sought: M.S. in Soil Science
Advisor: Dr. Lynne Carpenter-Boggs


Katherine Naasko in front of a river

Katherine Naasko

Degree sought: Ph.D. in Soil Science
Advisor: Dr. Haiying Tao

As I was born and raised in the Great Lakes state, I’ve always been aware of the importance of environmental conservation and sustainability, as well as the stunning beauty that nature has to offer. My interests led me to receive a bachelor’s degree in chemistry, with two minors focusing on environmental sustainability, technology and policy at Michigan State University. While finishing my last year of school, I worked in the MSU Soil and Plant Nutrient laboratory where I was exposed to the fascinating world of soil and crop science. Now that I am at WSU, I plan to maximize the experience of my unique background to make advancements in soil health and fertility in the Pacific Northwest.


Lee Opdahl in a field

Lee Opdahl

Degree sought: Ph.D. in Soil Science
Advisor: Dr. Tarah Sullivan

Growing up on a farm in rural Minnesota has made a substantial impact on my academic interests. With my life-long experience in agriculture, and the passion for biological sciences I accrued during my undergraduate education, I decided to devote my future studies towards microbiology in agriculture. This led me to a M.S. in Animal Science with an emphasis in ruminant microbiology at South Dakota State University. To broaden my skills and education, I decided to attend WSU starting in the fall of 2017, and focus my doctoral research on rhizosphere microorganisms and their effect on crop productivity. Specifically, I will be working on characterizing metal and micronutrient transformations by the rhizosphere microbiome and phytobiome that enhance plant nutrition and crop yield.

Educational background: M.S. Animal Science (Ruminant Microbiology); B.S. Microbiology, Biotechnology, and Biology; Minors: Chemistry and Psychology – South Dakota State University, Brookings, SD


Quiping Peng  standing in front of hills

Qiuping (Ellen) Peng

Degree sought: Ph.D. in Soil Science
Advisor: Dr. David Huggins

I was born in a small town in Nanyang, China, a city full of history and beautiful scenery. My passion for plants and nature lead me to higher education regarding natural resources management for both of my Bachelor degree (Northwest A&F University) and my Masters degree (Institute of Soil Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences). What I observed during my courses field trip in 2012, impressed me so much because it is so difficult to find a clear river without pollution caused  in most part by the unsustainable development of the crop lands. I came to WSU to Dr. David Huggins’s Lab in the Fall of 2014 to focus on my research interest of carbon and nitrogen cycling in soil and try to find some practical and meaningful solution for sustainable agriculture development. I like drawing, playing badminton, running and reading, and sometimes I like cooking, but it depends on my mood.

Educational background: B.S. (Northwest A&F University); M.S. (Institute of Soil Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences)


Cassandra Rieser

Degree sought: M.S. in Soil Science
Advisors: Dr. David Huggins & Dr. John Reganold


Stephen Taylor in a field

Stephen Taylor

Degree sought: Ph.D. in Soil Science
Advisor: Dr. Markus Flury

After finishing my B.S. in Microbiology and chemistry at BYU, I started my M.S. Degree in Soil science at WSU in Aug. 2014 with Dr. Dave Huggins. My work there focused on evaluating site-specific nitrogen fertilizer management in dryland winter wheat. After completing my masters in Aug. 2016, I went directly into my Ph.D. program with Dr. Markus Flury.

My research with Dr. Flury examines the potential for and impact of plastic pollution in sewage-sludge (biosolids) amended soils. We are looking at the accumulation and potential for movement of nano- and micro-sized plastic particles in agricultural soils. Additionally, we are looking at the accumulation and molecular associations of silver nanoparticles in these same soils over time.

As part of the WSU-PNNL Distinguished Graduate Research Program, I collaborate with researchers at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in Richland, WA, where I live with my wife and two children.

Educational background: BYU – B.S. Microbiology/minor Chemistry; WSU – M.S. Soil Science


Toby Una

Degree sought: M.S. in Soil Science
Advisor: Dr. Deirdre Griffin LaHue


Hatem Younes

Degree sought: Ph.D. in Soil Science
Advisor: Dr. Lynne Carpenter-Boggs


Yingxue Yu standing next to a tree

Yingxue Yu

Degree sought: Ph.D. in Soil Science
Advisor: Dr. Markus Flury

I will begin my PhD program in soil science under the supervision of Prof. Markus Flury at WSU. My research project will focus on transport of nano- and microplastic particles in unsaturated porous media. In this project, I will explore how nano- and microplastic particles will move through porous media and what the effect of the air-water interface is on transport of these particles.

I have obtained a Master’s degree of Science in Hydrogeology from China University of Geosciences-Beijing and a Bachelor’s degree in Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering from Shandong University of Science and Technology.

I had been a lab technician at China University of Geosciences-Beijing from June 2016 to April 2018, under the instruction of Pro. Qiulan Zhang. During that period, I had worked on designing and improving colloid transport experiment, and analyzing and recording test data to issue reports using charts, graphs and narratives.

In my spare time, I love reading novels, especially historical and science fictions. I also like swimming and playing table tennis.

Educational background: Master of Hydrogeology & Bachelor of Hydrology and Water Resources

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