Gabriel LaHue

Gabriel LaHue

Assistant Professor of Soil Science 360-848-6146  Agricultural Research & Technology Building 16650 State Route 536, Mount Vernon, WA 98273

Curriculum Vitae (pdf)


  • Ph.D. 2018 Soils and Biogeochemistry, University of California, Davis
  • M.S. 2015 International Agricultural Development, University of California, Davis
  • B.S. 2010 Plant Science, Cornell University


  • Soil: A Living System (SOIL SCI 201)
  • Organic and Sustainable Agricultural Certifications: From Principles to Practice (SOIL SCI 303)
  • Soil Fertility Management (SOIL SCI 547)

Research Interests

My research program focuses on soil-plant-water relations, soil physical and hydrologic health, soil fertility, and water-nutrient interactions. Key questions include: How can we manage soils to improve water relations, and how can we manage water to optimize soil processes and plant productivity? In western Washington where my research program is based, infiltration and hydraulic conductivity are central considerations for farmers wanting to get excess water off the field during the wet winters, but dry summers and limitations on irrigation mean that the soil’s water-holding capacity quickly becomes a key factor. With regard to soil fertility, key interests include nutrient requirements of understudied crops, the relationship between soil properties and crop nutrient requirements, interactions between nutrient management and plant health, and impacts of novel or alternative irrigation practices on soil nutrient dynamics. The focus of my Extension program is to help farmers to make informed decisions about managing soil moisture, irrigation, soil health, and soil fertility to improve productivity, reduce costs, safeguard plant health, and promote good stewardship of our natural resources.

Recent Publications

Scholarly Publications

Belo T.R., du Toit L.J., Waters T.D., Derie M.L., Schacht B., and G.T. LaHue. 2023. Reducing the risk of onion bacterial diseases through managing irrigation frequency and final irrigation timing. Agricultural Water Management 288:108476.

Belo T.R., du Toit L.J., and G.T. LaHue. 2023. Reducing the risk of onion bacterial diseases through irrigation, fertility, and other cultural management strategies. Agron. J. 115:459–473.

Singh N., Kogan C., Chaudhary S., Rajagopalan K., and G.T. LaHue. 2022. Effects of controlled drainage and subirrigation on crop yield and soil moisture. Vadose Zone J. 21:e20219.

Carrijo D.R., LaHue G.T., Parikh S.J., Chaney R.L., and B.A. Linquist. 2022. Mitigating the accumulation of arsenic and cadmium in rice grain: a quantitative review of the role of water management. Sci. Total Environ. 839:156245.

Kendall A., Alexander T.R., LaHue, G.T., and C.A. Miles. 2022. Summer mechanical hedging is effective for pruning of eight cider apple cultivars. HortTechnology. 32:313–320.

Kendall A., Miles C., Alexander T., Scheenstra E., and G.T. LaHue. 2022. Reduced irrigation during orchard establishment conserves water and maintains yield for three cider apple (Malus domestica Borkh.) cultivars. HortScience. 57:118–125.

LaHue G.T. and B.A. Linquist. 2021. The contribution of percolation to water balances in water-seeded rice systems. Agric. Water Manag. 243:106445.

LaHue, G.T. and B.A. Linquist. 2019. The magnitude and variability of lateral seepage in California rice fields. Journal of Hydrology. 574:202-210.

Dahlke, H.E., G.T. LaHue, M.R.L. Mautner, N.P. Murphy, N.K. Patterson, H. Waterhouse, F. Yang, and L. Foglia. 2018. Aquifer Recharge as a tool to enhance sustainable groundwater management in California: examples from field and modeling studies. In: J. Friesen and L. Rodriguez Sinobas (Eds.), Advances in Chemical Pollution, Environmental Management and Protection: Advanced Tools for Integrated Water Resources Management, Volume 3. 215 pp.

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Chirinda, N., L. Arenas, S. Loaiza, C. Trujillo, M. Katto, P. Chaparro, J. Nuñez, J. Arango, D. Martinez-Baron, A.M. Loboguerrero, L.A.B. Lopez-Lavalle, I. Avila, M. Guzmán, M. Peters, J. Twyman, M. García, L. Serna, D. Escobar, D. Arora, J. Tapasco, L. Maazbel, F. Correa, M. Ishitani, M. Da Silva, E. Graterol, S. Jaramillo, A. Pinto, A. Zuluaga, N. Lozano, R. Byrnes, G.T. LaHue, C. Alvarez, I. Rao, and R. Barahona. 2017. Novel technological and management options for accelerating transformational changes in rice and livestock systems. Sustainability. 9:1891. doi:10.3390/su9111891

LaHue, G.T., R.L. Chaney, M.A. Adviento-Borbe, and B.A. Linquist. 2016. Alternate wetting and drying in high yielding direct-seeded rice systems accomplishes multiple environmental and agronomic objectives. Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment. 229:30-39.

LaHue G.T., M.A. Adviento-Borbe, B.A. Linquist, C. van Kessel, and S.J. Fonte. 2016. Fertilizer memory effects increase nitrous oxide emissions from zero N controls: implications for estimating fertilizer-induced emission factors. Journal of Environmental Quality. 45:1501-1508.

Selected Extension Publications

Yoder J., Chaudhary S., Duarte B., Greene C., Jobe J., LaHue G.T., Maroney C., Mauger G., Morgan H., Padowski J., Rajagopalan K., Raymond C., Rogers M., Rossman N., Singh N., Timpane-Padgham B., Wiseman C., and J. Won.  2021. Skagit Water Supply and Demand Synthesis. Story Map Series Prepared for the State of Washington Joint Legislative Task Force on Water Supply. 

Hills K., and C. Benedict (Eds.), Blua M., Collins D., DuPont T., Griffin LaHue D., Hoheisel G., Jensen A., Keller M., Koenig R., Kruger C., LaHue G.T., McGuire A., and M. Moyer. 2021. Washington Soil Health Initiative Roadmap. 124 pp.

Other Selected Publications

Belo T., du Toit L., Waters T., Derie M., and G.T. LaHue. 2021. Effects of irrigation frequency and final irrigation timing on onion bacterial diseases in the Columbia Basin of Washington, 2020. Plant Disease Management Reports. 15:V109

García, M.A., M.C. Katto, J. Twyman, G.T. LaHue, and N. Chirinda. 2016. How might the gender roles affect the implementation of a new water-saving technique for Colombian rice production? Report of gender dimensions in Colombian rice production. Working Paper. CIAT Publication No. 437. International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT), Cali, Colombia. 37 p.

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