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Current Research

In the arid areas of the Pacific Northwest, soil management means knowing about water, about plants, and, of course, about soil.  Dr. Davenport’s research focuses on an array of projects designed to understand soil variability and how to manage water and nutrients for economically sustainable, environmentally friendly agricultural production.


Evaluation of Siderophores and Concord Chlorosis

Concord Juice and Wine Grape Response to Polyhalite in Eastern Washington State

Assessing and Ameliorating Salinity and Sodicity in Eastern Washington Wine Grape Vineyards


Blueberry Tissue Standards for Eastern Washington Production

Other Crops

The fate of phosphorus in soils with different Physico-chemical properties, amended with P-enriched bio-fertilizers 

Monitoring Uptake of Legume Derived Nitrogen in Apple

Evaluating Cover Crops in Hops for Dust Reduction