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The Department of Crop and Soil Sciences faculty are aligned with these interdisciplinary undergraduate degrees aimed at feeding the world and saving the planet.


Integrated Plant Sciences (IPS)

IPS majors explore the science of plant development and production from the perspectives of a variety of disciplines. All students in the program take a core set of interdisciplinary courses selected to give them a solid foundation on which they can build expertise in a specific discipline. Of the seven majors available, those in which we are most heavily involved are highlighted below. More detail is available here.

Agricultural Biotechnology – emphasizes the development and application of new technology to ensure a safe and abundant food and fiber supply.

Field Crop Management – focuses on improving food, feed, and fiber production, reducing risks, and enhancing the soil that we all depend upon.

Turfgrass Management – students will be pleased to know that turfgrass management has now been formalized as a major.


Agricultural and Food Systems (AFS)

AFS majors emphasize gaining a solid background in the agricultural sciences, including learning to work with and in the complexity of agriculture and food systems. All students take a core set of classes in order to develop a broad interdisciplinary background while also studying specific subjects that prepare graduates for their chosen fields. An internship related to the student’s focus area is included in these requirements. Of the five majors available, the four in which we are most heavily involved are highlighted below. More detail is available here.



carter-arron-ugradArron Carter
Field Crop Management and Ag Biotechnology Advisor
(509) 335-6198
383 Johnson Hall

Johnston ugradBill Johnston
Turfgrass Management Advisor
(509) 335-3620
219 Johnson Hall

Jim Durfey
Ag Tech & Prod Mgmt Advisor
(509) 335-7001
233W Johnson Hall

John Regenold ugradJohn Reganold
Organic Ag Systems Advisor
(509) 335-8856
257 Johnson Hall

Baser JD ugradJ.D. Baser
Agriculture Education Advisor
(509) 355-2846
249 Johnson Hall


Colette Casavant
Academic Coordinator
(509) 335-8406
Hulbert 423


Undergraduate minors:

WSU Catalog:
Crop Science Minor

Contact: Arron Carter

WSU Catalog:
Soil Science Minor
Contact: John Reganold

WSU Catalog:
Geospatial Analysis Minor

Contacts:  David Brown or Rick Rupp

Agricultural Systems Minor
Contact: Colette Casavant


Undergraduate Certificate:

Organic Agriculture
Contact: John Reganold


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Integrated Plant Sciences Degree

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