Jessica Goldberger

Jessica Goldberger

Associate Professor

Agricultural and Food Systems
Department of Crop and Soil Sciences

Campus:  WSU Pullman
Office:  263 Johnson Hall
Address:  PO Box 646420
Pullman, WA 99164-6420
Phone:  509 335-8540
Fax:  509 335-8674


  • Ph.D., Sociology, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2005
  • M.S., Rural Sociology, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1998
  • B.A., Anthropology, McGill University, 1992


  • Agriculture, Environment, and Community – AFS 336
  • Sociology of Agriculture and Food Systems – AFS 590
  • Current Research in Organic and Sustainable Agriculture – AFS 501

Research Interests

I work in the area of sociology of agriculture and food systems. My research focuses primarily on agricultural knowledge, science, and technology. I am interested in the sources of agricultural knowledge; the adoption and diffusion of agricultural innovations; and the ways in which agricultural beliefs, choices, and practices affect community well-being, sustainability, rural quality of life, food security, and the environment. I use a diversity of investigative methods, such as mail and web surveys, interviews, focus groups, and collection of secondary data. Most of my work is conducted as part of multi-disciplinary, multi-institutional, and integrated (research, education, and outreach) teams.

My current research projects focus on the following:

  • Barriers and bridges to the adoption of biodegradable plastic mulches
  • Development of values-based quinoa supply chains in the U.S., Australia, and Europe
  • Farmer decision-making and transitions to alternative pest management practices

Selected Publications

  • Goldberger, J.R. 2018. AFHVS presidential address: Agriculture in the Plastic Age. Agriculture and Human Values. 35(4): 899-904.
  • Beissinger, A., J.R. Goldberger, C.A. Benedict, and D.A. Inglis. 2018. Seed potatoes, virus management, and the non-adoption of an agricultural innovation. Rural Sociology 83(3): 598-629.
  • Brodhagen, M., J.R. Goldberger, D.G. Hayes, D.A. Inglis, T.L. Marsh, and C. Miles. 2017. Policy considerations for limiting unintended residual plastic in agricultural soils. Environmental Science and Policy 69: 81-84.
  • Goldberger, J.R., and N. Lehrer. Biological control adoption in western U.S. orchard systems: Results from grower surveys. 2016. Biological Control 102:101-111.
  • Jones, V.P., N.J. Mills, J.F. Brunner, D.R. Horton, E.H. Beers, T.R. Unruh, P.W. Shearer, J.R. Goldberger, S. Castagnoli, N. Lehrer, E. Milickzy, S.A. Steffan, K.G. Amarasekare, U. Chambers, A.N. Gadino, R.K. Gallardo, W.E. Jones. 2016. From planning to execution to the future: An overview of a concerted effort to enhance biological control in apple, pear, and walnut orchards in the western U.S. Biological Control 102: 1-6.
  • Tautges, N.E., J.R. Goldberger, and I.C. Burke. 2016. A survey of weed management in organic small grains and forage systems in the northwest United States. Weed Science. 64(3):513-522.
  • Cowan, J.S., J.R. Goldberger, C.A. Miles, and D.A. Inglis. 2015. Creating tactile space during a university Extension field day event: The case of a sustainable agriculture innovation. Rural Sociology. 80(4):456-482.
  • Younquist, C.P., J.R. Goldberger, J. Doyle, and S.S. Jones. 2015. Public involvement in waste management research and decision-making: A case study. Regional Science Policy and Practice. 7(3):141-161.
  • Goldberger, J.R., R.E. Jones, C.A. Miles, R.W. Wallace, and D.A. Inglis. 2015. Barriers and bridges to the adoption of biodegradable plastic mulches for U.S. specialty crop production. Renewable Agriculture and Food Systems. 30(2): 143-153.
  • Goldberger, J.R., N. Lehrer, J.F. Brunner. 2013. Adoption of organophosphate alternatives in Washington apple IPM programs: Survey evidence from pest management consultants and growers. Journal of Integrated Pest Management. 4(3):E1-E8.
  • Hills, K., J.R. Goldberger, and S.S. Jones. 2013. Commercial bakers’ views on the meaning of “local” wheat and flour in western Washington State. Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development. 3(4):1-20.
  • Hills, K., J.R. Goldberger, and S.S. Jones. 2013. Commercial bakers and the relocalization of wheat in western Washington State. Agriculture and Human Values 30(3):365-378.
  • Sage, J.L., and J.R. Goldberger. 2012. Decisions to direct market: Geographic influences on conventions in organic production. Applied Geography 34(1):57-65.
  • Goldberger, J.R., N. Lehrer, and J.F. Brunner. 2011. Azinphos-methyl (AZM) phase-out: Actions and attitudes of apple growers in Washington State. Renewable Agriculture and Food Systems 26(4):276-286.
  • Goldberger, J.R. 2011. Conventionalization, civic engagement, and the sustainability of organic agriculture. Journal of Rural Studies 27(3):288-296.
  • Goldberger, J.R., and J.A. Crowe. 2010. Gender inequality within the U.S. Land-Grant agricultural sciences professoriate. International Journal of Gender, Science and Technology 2(3):334-360.
  • Crowe, J.A., and J.R. Goldberger. 2009. University-industry relationships in colleges of agriculture and life sciences: The role of women faculty. Rural Sociology 74(4):498-524.
  • Price, C., L. Carpenter-Boggs, and J.R. Goldberger. 2009. On-farm mortality composting in Washington State: Outreach and producer survey. Journal of Extension 47(6).
  • Dawson, J.A., and J.R. Goldberger. 2008. Assessing farmer interest in participatory plant breeding: Who wants to work with scientists? Renewable Agriculture and Food Systems 23(3):177-187.
  • Goldberger, J.R. 2008. Diffusion and adoption of non-certified organic agriculture: A case study from semi-arid Makueni District, Kenya. Journal of Sustainable Agriculture 32(4):531-564.
  • Goldberger, J.R. 2008. Non-governmental organizations, strategic bridge building, and the ‘scientization’ of organic agriculture in Kenya. Agriculture and Human Values 25(2):271-289.
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