Crop and Soil Sciences Faculty with Extension appointments work with their colleagues in the department to discover and develop principles of plant and soil sciences through scientific investigation. They then apply these principles to new management practices in agricultural, urban, and natural environments. Extension faculty engage people, organizations, and communities to advance knowledge, economic well-being, and quality of life by fostering inquiry, learning, and the application of research. Extension faculty have a strong desire to serve the public and help people engaged in agriculture to make more informed decisions.

Extension faculty in the Department of Crop and Soil Sciences are leaders in several WSU Extension Program areas including:


Extension Personnel

Douglas Collins, ANR Program Unit


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Steve Fransen


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Ryan Higginbotham Aug 2015

Ryan Higginbotham, ANR Program Unit


My extension program includes the WSU Cereal Variety Testing Program, which evaluates winter wheat, spring wheat, and spring barley varieties across the different production zones of eastern Washington.  The Cereal Variety Testing Program aims to provide growers and industry stakeholders with information on the agronomic performance of currently available small grain varieties to aid in variety selection.  I can assist you with your variety performance questions.


Drew Lyon


My Extension and Research Program focuses on integrated weed management in dryland small grain production in eastern Washington. Research efforts are directed at the most troublesome weeds in each of the three rainfall zones of eastern Washington.


Timothy Miller


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William Pan


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Diana Roberts, ANR Program Unit


I have applied research and extension programs on cover/companion cropping, organic grain production, the orange wheat blossom midge, plus the stem rust and common barberry interaction. I can also answer questions on the cereal leaf beetle and direct seeding/no-till.

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William Schillinger


My cropping systems research and extension program is mainly focused in low-precipitation (less than 12 inch annual) farming areas. Research interests include: best management practices to reduce wind erosion, increased cropping intensity, alternative crops, and water use efficiency in cropping systems.

Haiying Tao_Head

Haiying Tao


My research and extension program focuses on soil fertility and best nutrient management practices for optimum crop yield and economic returns while aware of environmental concerns. I can assist you with questions related to soil nutrient management, fertilizer recommendations and applications, interpretation of soil and tissue testing, and residue management.


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