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Soil Science, Seminar, Spring 2014

Seminars are held Mondays at 1:10 pm and originate at WSU-Pullman in  Johnson Hall 204 (unless otherwise noted). Arrangements have been made  to broadcast to Mt. Vernon, Prosser, Puyallup , Wenatchee and Whatcom stations.
Organized by Lynne Carpenter-Boggs,

January 13 – Geoffrey Michael Gadd, Ph.D, Geomicrobiology group, College of Life Sciences, Univ. of Dundee, Scotland, UK
“Geomycology:  Metal and Mineral Transformations by Fungi” (abstract attached)
Please contact his host, Tarah Sullivan (, 335-4837), to schedule a meeting with Dr. Gadd.

January 20Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday, no seminar

January 27Course Introduction, no seminar

February 3Rick Rupp, Information Systems Coordinator
“Agro-ecological Classification of Land in the Inland Northwest”

February 10Rachel Wieme, Soil Science Ph.D. Student
“Introducing Quinoa into Organic Crop Rotations on the Palouse”

February 17 -Surachet Aramrak, Soil Science Ph.D. Student
“Colloid Interactions with a Moving Air-water Interface”

February 24 – Jolene Lafferty, Laboratory Manager, Decagon Systems
“Behind the Scenes: Developing a Sensor for Commercial Production”

March 3 – Lia Shrewsbury, Soil Science M.S. Student
“Soil Denitrifier and Nitrifier Populations with Slope Position”

Note date of seminar
March 4 – Lyn Garling,
Penn State University, Student Choice Seminar
Science in Translation: Academia, Activism, and Agrarianism

March 10 – no seminar

March 17 – Spring Break, no seminar

March 24 – Patrick O’Neill, Soil Science M.S. Student
“Columbia Root Knot Nematode Host Status of Cover Crop Options in Potato Rotations”

March 31 – Matteo Poggio, Soil Science Ph.D. Student
“Development and Testing of a Visible Near Infrared Penetrometer for in Situ Soil Characterization”

April 7 – Jason Morrow, Soil Science M.S. Student
“Tillage and Cropping Intensity Impacts on Soil Carbon and Important Soil Processes: A Soil Health Perspective”

2014 Campbell Lecture Series
Note date, time and location of seminar
April 11 – Dr. John Gamon

A New Look at Northern Photosynthesis: Monitoring Changing Productivity in Northern Terrestrial Biomes with Optical Remote Sensing”
3:00-5:00 pm, VBR Science Forum, Room 305

April 14 – no seminar

April 21 – Caitlin Price Youngquist, Soil Science Ph.D. Student
“Local Biosolids Compost: Fate of Antibiotics, Community Engagement, and Agricultural Use”

Note date of seminar
April 24 – John Dickson,
Soil Science Ph.D. Student
“The Role of Secondary Aluminosilicate Minerals in Technetium (Tc-99) Immobilization in Radioactive Waste”

April 28 – Harsimran Kaur, Soil Science Ph.D. Student
“Assessing Agricultural Land Use Dynamics using Agroecological Classes”

Note date, time and location of seminar
May 16 – Dr. V. Bhaskar, M.Sc., Ph.D., AIFC, M.F. (Yale)
“Root Hairs – The ‘Respiratory Gills’ of Roots: A New Theory & Management of Root Hairs for Increasing Crop Yields”
3:00-4:00 pm, Johnson Hall, Room 343