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Spring 2019 Seminars

Mondays in Johnson Hall 204

Seminar Series – 1:10-2:00 p.m.

Exit Seminars – 2:10-3:00 p.m.

SOIL_SCI 501 Contact/Organizer: Dr. David Brown
CROP_SCI 510 Contact/Organizer: Dr. Zhiwu Zhang

Arrangements have been made to broadcast to Mt. Vernon, Prosser, Puyallup, and Wenatchee stations.

January 7

Dr. Michael Strickland, University of Idaho
“Leaf Litter Decomposition: Legacy Effects and VOCs”

January 14

Cancelled – no seminar

January 21

no school, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day

January 28

Kirti Rajagopalan
“Agriculture in the Columbia River Basin: Risks and Opportunities”

February 4

Jack Brown
“Canola, Mustard, and Rapeseed Breeding at the University of Idaho”

February 11

Cancelled – no seminar

February 18

no school, Presidents’ Day Holiday

February 25

Zachary Kayler
“Integrating Aquatic and Terrestrial Perspectives to Improve Insights into Organic Matter Cycling at the Landscape Scale”

March 4

Seminar Series

Jason Kelley
“Real Data and Machine Learning to Support Site-Specific Agriculture”

Exit Seminar

Stephanie Sjoberg
“Controlling Wheat Grain Germination and Seedling Emergence: Can We Have Our Cake and Eat it too?”

March 11

no school, Spring Break

March 18

Seminar Series

Cornelius Adewale
“Research and Practical Approaches to Improve Climate Impacts of Agriculture”

Exit Seminar

Muhammad Ahsan Khan
“Promoter Characterization if Ph1 Gene Regulating Meiosis Specific Expression”

March 19

Exit Seminar – 12:00-1:00 p.m. in 104E Johnson Hall

Thiel Lehman
“Deciphering Factors that Drive Root Morphogenesis: Cell Wall-Phytohormone Crosstalk and a Kinase Involved in Root Hair Development”

March 25

Seminar Series

David Brown
“A New Vision for AgWeatherNet”

Exit Seminar

Nathan Nielsen
“Rapid Estimation of Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) Straw Decomposition Through a Genome-wide Association Study and Near-Infrared Spectroscopy”

April 1

Seminar Series

Longxi Yu, USDA-ARS
“Genomics-Assisted Breeding for Enhancing Resistance to Biotic and Abiotic Stresses in Autotetraploid Alfalfa”

Exit Seminar

Halle Choi

April 8

Seminar Series – Student Invited Speaker

Douglas W. Ming
“Out-of-this-World Soil and Crop Science”

Exit Seminar

Liam Dixon
“The Application of Carbon Isotope Discrimination to Wheat Improvement”

April 15

Seminar Series

James Montgomery
“Soils in the City? – Dishing the Dirt on Chicago’s Soil Quality”

Exit Seminar

Marissa Porter
“Nitrogen Management of Winter Canola”

April 22

Seminar Series

Calvin Qualset
“Gene Resources for Crop Improvement”

Exit Seminar

  • Xiaochi Ma
    Grapevines Under Drought: Applying Integrated Monitoring Method and Efficient Water Management for Sustainable Viticulture”
  • Chang Liu
    “Developing LMA Resistance in the U.S. Wheat”