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Fall 2017 Seminars

Monday, 1:10-3:00 p.m. in Johnson Hall 343

SOIL_SCI 501 Contact/Organizer:  Dr. Jessica Goldberger,
CROP_SCI 510 Contact/Organizer:  Dr. Kevin Murphy,

Arrangements have been made to broadcast to Mt. Vernon, Prosser, Puyallup, and Wenatchee stations.

August 21 – Organizational meeting (for enrolled students only)

August 28 – Dr. Lori Carris, Associate Dean, Graduate School, and Professor, Department of Plant Pathology
“Navigating Your Graduate Program at WSU”

September 4 – no seminar, Labor Day

September 11 – Ryan Higginbotham, Director, WSU Cereal Variety Testing Program
“WSU Cereal Variety Testing Program”

September 18 – Dr. Brian Irish, Geneticist/Curator, USDA-ARS Plant Germplasm Introduction and Testing Research Unit
“What Do Spinach, Bananas, and Alfalfa Have in Common?”

September 25 – Dr. William Pan, Professor, Dept. of Crop and Soil Sciences
“Nitrogen Use Efficiency Analysis from Soil Fertility, Breeding, and Physiology Perspectives: A Case Study of Interdisciplinary Science”

October 2 – Dr. Katherine Dentzman, Postdoctoral Research Associate, Dept. of Crop and Soil Sciences
” ‘I Would Say That Might Be All It Is, Is Hope’: The Framing of Weed Resistance and How Farmers Explain Their Faith in Herbicides”

October 9 – Cornelius Adewale, Ph.D. Candidate, Environmental and Natural Resource Sciences
“Global Warming Potential of Organic Farms: Impact of Farm Size and Cover Crops”

October 16 – Practice Talks for ASA/CSSA/SSSA Annual Meeting

  • Rachel Breslauer, M.S. Candidate in Soil Science
    “A Hard Spot to Farm: The Impact of Hydraulically Restrictive Horizons on Nitrogen Use Efficiency in Winter Wheat”
  • Leonardo Hinojosa, Ph.D. Candidate in Crop Science
    “Effect of High Temperature on Pollen Morphology and Plant Growth in Quinoa”

October 23 – no seminar, ASA/CSSA/SSSA Annual Meeting

October 30 –

  • David Sullivan, M.S. Candidate, Soil Science (exit seminar)
    “Cover-Crop Based Strip Tillage for Organic Vegetable Production”
  • Nikayla Strauss, Ph.D. Candidate, Crop Science (proposal seminar)
    “High Throughput Phenotyping and the DNAM Population”

November 6 – Dr. Jonathan Deenik, Soil Fertility and Soil Quality Specialist, Department of Tropical Plant and Soil Sciences, University of Hawaii at Manoa
“Atolls to High Volcanoes: Soil Diversity and Agricultural Adaptation Across Micronesia”

November 13 –

  • Brigid Meints, Ph.D. Candidate, Crop Science (exit seminar)
    “Breeding Barley and Beans for Northwest Washington”
  • Henry Sintim, Ph.D. Candidate, Soil Science (exit seminar)
    “Biodegradable Plastic Mulches: Degradation and Impacts on Soil Properties”

November 20 – no school, Thanksgiving Break

November 27 –

  • James Chen, Ph.D. Candidate, Crop Science (proposal seminar)
    “Application of Random Forest on Genomics Selection”
  • Wilson Craine, Ph.D. Candidate, Crop Science (proposal seminar)
    “Camelina Breeding at WSU”

December 4 –

  • Kanwardeep Singh, Ph.D. Candidate, Crop Science (exit seminar)
    “Evolution of Ph1 Gene and Its Use in Wheat Breeding”
  • Micheal Dietz, B.S. Candidate, Turfgrass Management (undergrad seminar)
    “PoaCure: A New Herbicide for Annual Bluegrass Control”