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Fall 2008 Soil Science Seminar Series

Seminars are Mondays @ 1:10pm, Johnson Hall 204 unless otherwise noted

September 8 (@ 1:10, joint w/Crop seminar) – Lynne Carpenter-Boggs, Cathy Perillo, Rita Abi Ghanem, Karen Killenger, Dept. of Crop and Soil Sciences and Dept. of Food Science, WSU
“Iraqi Ag Extension Revitalization Project: A Report from the Women’s Session”

Special Seminar (@ 2:10pm) – Jo Ann Baumgartner, Head of Wild Farm Alliance, California
“Wildlife-friendly Restoration Practices for Organic and Conventional Farms”

September 15 – Al Sanchez, General Manager, L & H Seeds, Inc./Herrman Northwest Farms
“Specialty Western Native Range and Reclamation Grasses, Forbs, and Legumes Grown for Seed in Irrigated Sandy Loam Soils of Connell, WA”

Special Seminar (@2:10) – Triven Pillai, Soil Science M.S. Candidate, WSU
“Comparative Assessment of Soil Properties and Economic Return of Alternative Farming Systems”

September 22 – Michael Swan and Marvin Kleene, Professors, Dept.
of Crop and Soil Sciences, WSU
“The WSU Agricultural and Food Systems Program and the M.S. in Agriculture”

September 29 (@ 3:10, joint w/Crop seminar)
Crop & Soil Science Students
Washington State Tour Report

October 6 – ASA-CSA-SSSA Annual Meeting, no seminar

Special Seminar, Thursday, October 9 (joint w/CEREO, time/place to be announced) – Harry Vereecken, Director, Institute of Agrosphere, Helmholtz Research Center Julich, Germany
“Terrestrial Environmental Research and Geophysics. Quo Vadis?”

October 13 – David Huggins, USDA Land Management and Water Conservation Research Unit, Pullman, WA
“No-Till. The Quiet Revolution”

October 20 – Kent Keller, Professor, School of Earth and Environmental Sciences, WSU
“Water’s Stable Isotopes: Hydrologic Tools Applied to Palouse Streamflow and N-fate Studies”

October 27 – George Nyamadzawo, Soil Science M.S. Candidate, WSU
“Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Seasonal Wetlands in Uganda”

November 3 – Kenton Rod, Soil Science Ph.D. Candidate, WSU; Pacific National Laboratory
“Transport of Strontium and Cesium through Sediments in Simulated Hanford Tank Waste”

November 10 (@ 1:10, joint w/Crop seminar) – Stephen Machado, Dryland Systems Agronomist, Oregon State University, CBARC
“Does Intercropping Have a Role in Modern Agriculture”

November 17 – Stephen Bramwell, Soil Science M.S. Candidate, WSU
“Integrating Livestock and Organic Grain Production in the Inland Northwest, U.S.”

November 24 – Thanksgiving Break, no seminar

December 1 – George Mount, Professor, Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Director, CEREO, WSU
“Space Based Measurement of Air Pollution”

December 8 – Bill Schillinger, Professor, Dept. of Crop and Soil Sciences, WSU
“Soil Water Behavior in Dryland Cropping Systems”