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Crop Seminar Series, Spring 2011

Seminars are held Mondays at 3:10pm and originate at WSU-Pullman in Johnson Hall 204 (unless otherwise noted). Arrangements have been made to broadcast to Mt. Vernon, Puyallup and Prosser stations. Organized by Arron Carter,

January 10
Orientation, first day of classes

January 17
MLK Day Holiday (No Seminar)

January 24
Xianming Chen (USDA-ARS, Pullman)
Achieving Durable and Adequate Resistance for Sustainable Control of Stripe Rust

January 31
Pat Fuerst (USDA-ARS, Pullman)
Induction of Polyphenol Oxidase Activity in Dormant Wild Oat Seeds: a Defense Response to Seed Decay Fungi

February 7
Kim Campbell (USDA-ARS, Pullman)
Ecological Breeding: Lessons from Vogel in the Era of Climate Change

February 14
Neeraj Kumar (CSS, Postdoctoral Research Associate)
Current Status of Two-gene Clearfield Wheat at WSU

February 21
President’s Day Holiday (No Seminar)

February 28
Alecia Kiszonas (Crop Science Doctoral student)
Wheat Arabinoxylan Quantification and Characterization

March 7
Rao Uppalapati (The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation)
Medicago Truncatula: A Model to Improve Fungal Resistance in Crop Legumes

March 14
Spring Break (No Seminar)

March 21
Ross Wagstaff (Crop Science Master’s student)

March 28
Rollie Sears (Syngenta)
Cereals Wheat Breeding at Syngenta Cereals

April 4
Erik Landry (Crop Science Doctoral student)

April 11
Hyjein Lee (Crop Science Doctoral student)
Identification of Resistance to Imazamox Herbicide in Barley

April 14 (Thursday at 1:00pm)
Callie Bolton (Crop Science Master’s student)
Organic Weed Control in a Newly Established Vineyard

April 18
Janet Matanguihan (Crop Science Doctoral student)
Identification of Resistance Gene Against Common Bunt in ‘Lewjain’

April 21 (Thursday)
Thumbiko Mkandawire (Crop Science, Master’s student)
An Evaluation of a Hypernodulating Pea (Pisum sativum L.) Line for Biological Nitrogen Fixation

April 25
Mike Poteet (Verno Systems)
Interrelationship Between Research and Commercial Activities in the Biofuel Sector