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Annual Herbicide Weed Control Trial Reports

The information enclosed in the reports listed below are a summary of herbicide weed control trials that were conducted as a part of the Extension Weed Management Project in the dryland cropping region of eastern Washington.

The results of each individual trial are considered preliminary and are accompanied by a brief discussion. Because these trials include experimental herbicides, herbicides not currently labeled on the crop, and rates differing from the herbicide label, you need to consult the herbicide label for approved uses, labeled rates, and precautions.

Also, because these are preliminary research results, the results in these reports are not to serve as herbicide recommendations. The author, Washington State University, nor WSU Extension attest or affirm that this information is presently appropriate for field application. Application or use of any information included herein shall be the sole responsibility of the grower.

The information is provided as Adobe PDF files. If you do not have the latest version of Acrobat you can find it on the Adobe Acrobat website.