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Weed Science

WSU Weeds TeamCongrats to the WSU Weed Olympians

WSU 2011 Weeds Team
L-R Jared Bell, Misha Manuchehri, Alan Raeder,
Nevin Lawrence



Congratulations to the WSU team of Jared Bell (MPS doctoral candidate), Alan Raeder and Misha Manuchehri (Crop Science master’s students), and Nevin Lawrence (Crop Science doctoral student) who placed first in the Western Region division of the first annual Weed Olympics held in Knoxville, TN,  on July 27, 2011.  Additionally, Jared Bell was 3rd place individual graduate student in the Western Region. All four are advised by WSU weed scientist, Dr. Ian Burke.

Other participating universities in the western region included Kansas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico.

The Weed Olympics is an unusual event, and can be quite challenging. The individuals are required to identify weeds, unknown herbicides, complete sprayer calibration problems, and participate in a role playing exercise that required the student to solve a grower problem.

Weeds and weed problems in Tennessee look a little different than those in Washington, but the team rose to the challenge working hard over the last few weeks to prepare.

Universities in the Western Society of Weed Science have never historically participated in the other regional contests, and the society does not have a contest of its own. The event was unprecedented in the history of the Weed Science Society of America.

What’s New?

  • The 2011 annual report is now available here.