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Pete Jacoby

Pete Jacoby.
Professor/Plant Ecologist in the Department of Crop & Soil Sciences

Clark 263
P.O. Box 646420
Pullman, WA 99164-6420

Phone 509-335-3495
Cell    509-475-7630
Jacoby Laboratory


Curriculum vitae (pdf)

Affiliate faculty member in Department of Horticulture, WSU Viticulture and Enology Program, and WSU Center for Precision and Automated Agricultural Systems

Google Scholar total research citations: 722   h-index: 14     i10-index: 26


  • Ph.D. University of Wyoming, Plant Sciences (Watershed Hydrology)
  • M.S. University of Wyoming, Plant Sciences (Rangeland Remediation)
  • B.S. Texas A&M University, Rangeland and Forestry Management

Recent Professional Experience:

  • Professor/Scientist, WSU Crop & Soil Sciences Dept., Pullman, WA 2013-present
  • Associate Dean, WSU CAHNRS, Pullman, WA 1997-2013
  • Director, WSU Irrigated Agriculture Research/Extension Center, Prosser, WA 2009-2013
  • Director, Extension Agriculture Programs, WSU Extension, Pullman, WA 2007-2009

Peer Reviewed Publications (last 5 years):

Tolomelli, G., G.S. Kothawade, A.K. Chandel, L. Manfrini, P.W. Jacoby, and L.R. Khot. 2022. Aerial-RGB imagery based 3D canopy reconstruction and mapping of grapevines for precision management. IEEE Annual Conference

Sadeghi, S.H., H.W. Loescher, and P.W. Jacoby. 2022. A simple and accurate explicit form of the Green-Ampt Infiltration Model.  Water. (submitted for review)

Ma, X.C., J. Wu, F. Han, Y. Ma, and P.W. Jacoby. 2022 Optimizing water use efficiency and altering root distribution of Chardonnay grapevine (Vitis vinifera L.) in silt loam soils through direct root-zone deficit irrigation. Agronomy (submitted for review).

Chandel, A.K., L.R. Khot *, B. Molaei, R.T. Peters, C.O. Stöckle, P.W. Jacoby. 2021. High-resolution spatiotemporal water use mapping of surface and direct-root-zone drip irrigated grapevines using UAS-based thermal and multispectral remote sensing. Remote Sens. 13, 954.

Ma, X.C., and P.W. Jacoby. 2020 Optimizing water use efficiency for production of Chardonnay grapevine ( Vitis vinifera L.) in silt loam soils through a novel subsurface irrigation. Agronomy (In review).

Ma, X.C., P.W. Jacoby, and K.A. Sanguinet. 2020. Improving net photosynthetic rate and rooting depth of grapevines through a novel irrigation strategy in a semi-arid climate. Front. in Plant Sci. 11:575303.

Ma, X.C., K.A. Sanguinet, and P.W. Jacoby. 2020. Direct root-zone irrigation outperforms surface drip irrigation on grape yield and water use efficiency while restricting shallow root growth in a semi-arid climate. Agric. Water Manage. 231:1-11.

Ma, X.C., K.A. Sanguinet, and P.W. Jacoby. 2019. Performance of direct root-zone deficit irrigation on Vitis vinifera L. cv. Cabernet Sauvignon production and water use efficiency in semi-arid south-central Washington. Agric. Water Manage. 221:47-57.

Chakraborty, M., L.R. Khot, S. Sankaran, and P.W. Jacoby. 2019. Evaluation of mobile 3D light detection and ranging-based canopy mapping system for tree fruit crops. Computer and Electronics in Agriculture 158:284-293.

Espinosa, C.Z., A.P. Rathnayake, M. Chakraborty, S. Sankaran, P.W. Jacoby, and L.R. Khot. 2018. Applicability of time-of-flight-based ground and multispectral aerial imaging for grapevine canopy vigour monitoring under direct root-zone deficit irrigation. Int’l. J. Remote Sensing. DOI: 10.1080/01431161.2018.1500047.

Espinosa, C.Z., L.R. Khot, S. Sankaran, and P.W. Jacoby. 2017. High resolution multispectral and thermal remote sensing based water stress assessment in grapevines to evaluate subsurface irrigation technique effects. Remote Sensing 9(9):961-976.

Currently Funded Competitive Grant Awards (including pending)

Johnston, M., A. Natarajan, and P.W. Jacoby. 2023-2027. SitS: Easily deployable, power-autonomous irrigation sensor networks for reduced water use in crop production. Nat. Sci, Found. $1,200,000 (submitted to review panel)

Jacoby, P.W. 2022-2023. WA State Grape and Wine Research Program. Advancing sensor-based irrigation scheduling. ($24,805)

Jacoby, P.W. 2021-2024. Northwest Center for Small Fruit Research (U.S.D.A., ARS). Optimizing water use for winegrapes with sensor-controlled subsurface irrigation. ($136,931)

Jacoby, P.W. 2021. WA State Grape and Wine Research Program. WA State Grape and Wine Res. Program. Optimizing irrigation efficiency with soil water sensor-based systems. ($20,000)

Jacoby, P.W., and Naidu Rayapati. 2020-2021. WA State Grape and Wine Research Program.      Use of DRZ subsurface irrigation to enhance the establishment of replacement vines. ($25,000)

Jacoby, P.W.  2020-2022. WSU Office of Commercialization. Advancing the commercialization of DRZ subsurface irrigation device. ($45,000)

Jacoby, P.W., and Haiying Tao.  2019-2022. WSDA Specialty Crop Block Grant Program. Increasing soil nutrient retention in vineyards via subsurface irrigation. ($247,484)

Extension Outreach, Popular Press, Symposium Proceedings and Conference Abstracts

Jacoby, P.W. 2022. Wine Minute: How do sensors benefit irrigation? Pacific Northwest Ag Network AM 610. Podcast, August 26.

Jacoby, P.W., L.R. Khot. 2021. Advancements of sensor-based water management to maximize crop water use efficiency in conjunction with direct root zone (DRZ) subsurface drip irrigation. ASABE/AI 6th Decennial Irrigation Symposium, San Diego, CA, Dec. 5-6.  Paper Number: 20-045

Jacoby, P.W., M. Brain. 2021. Sub-surface micro-irrigation in vineyards. Podcast #101: Sustainable Winegrowing with Vineyard Team, Atascadero, CA.

Amogi, B.R., A.K. Chandel, L.R. Khot, and P.W. Jacoby. 2020. A mobile thermal-RGB imaging tool for mapping crop water stress of grapevines. 2020 IEEE Int’l Workshop on Metrology for Agric./Forestry. Trento, ITALY, Nov. 4-6. Virtual Conf. DOI: 10.1109/MetroAgriFor50201.2020.9277545

Jacoby, P.W. 2020. New irrigation method saves water in vineyards. Scientia Global. 5 p.

Leadership Roles in National Research Teams and Professional Organizations

American Society of Agronomy – ’20 Chair, Sensor-based Water Management Community

NIFA Multi-state Project W4128 (Micro-irrigation: A Sustainable technology for Crop Intensification and Improved Water Productivity – ’17 Chair

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