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Steven Fransen

Steven Fransen.

24106 N. Bunn Rd.
Prosser WA 99350-9687 USA
Phone 509-786-9266
FAX 509-786-9370


Curriculum Vitae (pdf)


Alfalfa Growth and quality: Environmental and Plant Factors

  • Methods for predicting the quality of irrigated alfalfa in central Washington State

Biosolids as a Fertilizer and soil Amendment for the Growth of Hybrid Cottonwood

  • Two-clone investigation of biosolids influenced with drip and microsprinkler irrigation

Northwest Columbia Plateau wind Erosion / Air Quality Project

  • Effects of annual cropping in alternate-year fallow growing areas

Recent Publications

Collins, H., J. Streubel, A. Alva, C.S. Frear, S. Chen, S.C. Fransen, C.E. Kruger, and D.M. Granatstein. 2011. Greenhouse gas emissions from an irrigated silt loam soil amended with anaerobic digested dairy manure. Soil Sci. 75:2206-2216.

Fransen, S., T. Griggs. 2010. Growth, Development, and defoliation responses of pasture plants. Pasture and Grazing Management in the Northwest. PNW 614. Chapter 5. Pg. 41-52.

McLain, B., S.C. Fransen, and G.E. Shewmaker. 2010. Pasture renovation, planting, and establishment. Pasture and Grazing Management in the Northwest.  Chapter 3. PNW 614. Pg. 31-40.

Shewmaker, G.E., B. Gillaspy, S.C. Fransen, T.Griggs, and L. Hooper. 2010. Estimating forage production, monitoring, and evaluating the grazing system. Pasture and Grazing Management in the Northwest. Chapter 16. PNW 614. Pg. 161-176.

Boydston, R.A., H.P. Collins, and S.C. Fransen. 2010. Response to three switchgrass cultivars to Mesotrione, Quinclorac, and Pendimethalin. Weed Tech. 24:336-341.

Collins, H.P., J.L. Smith, S.C. Fransen, A. Alva, C.E. Kruger, and D.M. Granststein. 2010. Carbon sequestration under irrigated switchgrass production. Soil Sci. 74:2049-2058.

More publications (pdf)

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