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Understanding and Manipulating the Wheat Genome

Kulvinder Gill
Understanding and Manipulating the Wheat Genome

Dr. Gill talking to a student

Credit: WSU Office of Research

The research goal of Kulvinder Gill and his collaborators is to understand the wheat genome and manipulate it for crop improvement using modern techniques and tools. Current research projects are to:

  • Understand and improve heat tolerance trait in cereals
  • Establish an efficient approach to access agronomically important genes;
  • Understand chromosome pairing control in polyploids
  • Develop fast breeding approaches
  • Molecular characterization of agronomic traits
  • Develop alternate dwarfing gene systems in wheat

Significant recent outcomes:

  1. Cloned the Ph1 gene of wheat that regulates chromosome pairing control in plants
  2. Develop a quick, efficient, and accurate marker assisted background selection based approach using which a value added gene can be transferred into a popular cultivar in less than two years to develop a release-ready cultivar
  3. Developed virus induced gene silencing (VIGS) approach to silence genes in all wheat tissues as well as to transiently express wheat genes.

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Contact Information
Kulvinder S. Gill, Ph.D.
Department of Crop and Soil Sciences

Washington State University
PO Box 646420
Johnson Hall 277
Pullman, WA 99164-6420

Telephone: 509-335-4666
Fax: 509-335-8674

Kulvinder GillDr. Kulvinder Gill received his bachelor’s in agronomy with honors and a master’s in plant breeding degrees from Punjab Agricultural University, India (1983).  From 1983 to 1985, he worked as a research assistant at the same university working on the genetics of slow rusting mechanism in wheat. He received his Ph.D. from Kansas State University in genetics (1986-1990). Dr. Gill continued to work at Kansas State first as a research associate from 1991 to 1993 and then as a senior scientist from 1994 to 1996. He joined University of Nebraska as an assistant professor in molecular cytogenetics in 1996 and became associate professor in 2001. Dr. Gill joined Washington State University in August 2002 as the Orville A. Vogel Endowed Chair in Wheat Breeding and Genetics.