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Organic Farming

Part IV. Organic Farming

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Only three (3) growers reported that parts of their farms were certified organic. The survey asked all of the remaining growers the following two questions.


Which of the following are your main reasons for NOT having any certified organic acres? Circle all that apply.

Percentage of growers
who circled each reason
Organic weed control methods are inadequate 69.3
Cannot get same yields with organic as conventional methods 59.3
Organic pest/disease control methods are inadequate 58.9
Not worth the time 43.4
Transportation and access to organic buyers are limited 36.3
Too difficult to get enough nitrogen 35.9
Need more information on organic production 33.2
Certification is too much trouble 24.3
Other reasons 17.8


Within the last five years, 2001 – 2005, have you considered transitioning any of your acreage to certified organic?

Pie Chart showing growers' responses when asked if they had considered transitioning any of their acreage to certified organic within the last 5 years (2001-2005).

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