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Wheat Production in Washington

November 2006

Picture of field-day particpantsThis document reports responses to a mail survey of Washington wheat growers that was conducted from January through March, 2006.  The survey’s objective was to identify wheat growers’ priorities in wheat breeding and related research programs at Washington State University (WSU). The survey was designed and sponsored by the Winter and Spring Wheat Breeding Programs in the Department of Crop and Soil Sciences (CSS) and faculty in the Department of Community and Rural Sociology (CRS). The survey was conducted with the cooperation of WSU’s Social and Economic Sciences Research Center (SESRC).

A total of 1,374 names were drawn from the list of members of the Washington Association of Wheat Growers. Three hundred and seven (307) individuals were excluded from the sample because of ineligibility, bad addresses, and other reasons. The result was a corrected sample of 1,067 growers. Of these, 553 wheat growers returned completed questionnaires. The completion rate for the survey was 51.8 percent.

Of those farmers who responded to the survey, less than 10 percent reported that they manage an agricultural business in addition to running their farm. Only 2 percent stated that they hire a management company to help run their farm. Respondents ranged in age from 26 to 96 years with an average age of 57 years. The average number of years of farming experience (as either a farm owner or manager) was 32 years. Over 96 percent of respondents were male.


View of the Palouse region of Washington State

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Part I. Experience with WSU

Part II. WSU Wheat Breeding Programs

Part III. Successful Wheat Production and Marketing

Part IV. Organic Farming

Part V. Genetically Modified Wheat

Part VI. General Background Information

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Project Personnel: Stephen S. Jones, Professor/Scientist, Department of Crop and Soil Sciences (CSS); Kimberlee K. Kidwell, Professor/Scientist, CSS; Julie Dawson, Graduate Student, CSS; Raymond A. Jussaume, Jr., Professor, Department of Community and Rural Sociology (CRS); Jessica Goldberger, Assistant Professor, CRS; Rose Krebill-Prather, Research Associate, Social and Economic Sciences Research Center; and Leland Glenna, Assistant Professor of Rural Sociology, Pennsylvania State University

CSS Information Series No. 1202-06, CRS Information Series No. 1-06

For more information please contact Julie Dawson at 509 335-5463