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Cross-cutting Projects

Crowd at a Pomeroy field tour in a field of canola

The following projects provide more detailed information for oilseed crop production that will be applicable across all of Washington state. Greenhouse, growth chamber and field studies will investigate weed management, soil fertility management, seed zone moisture and temperature requirements, and oil quality and composition of oilseed crops. In addition, economic analysis of production costs for each region and extension and outreach activities will be conducted for all regions.

Canola Variety Effects on Soil Health Mediated by Nutrients and the Microbiome

Managing Nitrogen for Winter Canola

Mixed Canolage – Companion Cropping of Dual-Purpose Winter Canola

Nitrogen Source and Rate to Minimize Damage Caused by Free Ammonia

Use of Transgenic and Agronomic Approaches to Improve Stand Establishment and Survival in Winter Canola

Environmental Effects on Nectar and Pollinators in Canola

Soil Nitrogen and Water Relations with Winter Canola Nitrogen Use Efficiency

Tissue Test and Foliar Applications of Micronutrients to Winter Canola

Winter Canola Response to Nitrogen Rate and Timing in Semiarid Mediterranean Conditions

Cabbage Seedpod Weevil Insecticide Trial in Winter Canola

Pacific Northwest Canola Association Becomes Reality

Water and Temperature Stresses Impact Canola (Brassica napus L.) Fatty Acid, Protein, and Yield Over Nitrogen and Sulfur

Establishing Safe Rates for Banding Urea Fertilizer Below Canola at Planting

Canola Seedling Root Damage Caused by Ammonium Fertilizers

Canola-Wheat Integration in the Inland Pacific Northwestern U.S.

Comparison of Rhizosphere Soil Microbial Communities for Winter Canola and Winter Wheat at Paired Field Sites

Evaluation of a Precision Double-Disk Planter for Spring Canola

Subsoil Quality: Do Our Subsoils Provide Wheat and Canola Roots with Ample Water and Nutrients During Grain Filling?

Oilseed Root Structure and Function

Preliminary Straw Characterization of Seven Biofuels Crops in the Pacific and Inland Northwest

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