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Progress Report, 2019

Download the complete 2019 Progress Report (pdf)

The Washington Oilseed Cropping System (WOCS) project focuses on conducting research and extension to improve oilseed production in Washington state. Over the past 13 years the WOCS project has conducted research on safflower, sunflowers, flax, camelina, and canola. The WOCS research program has focused a range of research areas including but not limited to fertility, herbicide use, plant density, and planting date. Effectively disseminating the information generated from this research is also in the purview of the WOCS project. The year 2019 saw some major changes in the WOCS extension staff. Karen Sowers moved on to work as the executive director for the Pacific Northwest Canola Association. While we were sad to have Karen leave the team, we are excited that she will continue to be involved in canola production and outreach in the region. Following Karen’s departure, a new position for an extension agronomist in oilseeds was opened in the Department of Crop and Soil Sciences at Washington State University. The extension agronomist position expanded on the extension responsibilities of previous extension position and included both research and teaching appointments within the Department of Crop and Soil Sciences. In September of 2019, Isaac Madsen was appointed as the extension agronomist for the WOCS project. During the 2019 field season the extension team successfully hosted “stop and talks” and large-scale variety trials. The large-scale field variety trials were featured in the Pullman Weed Science and the Wilke Farm Field Days. In February of 2020, the extension team hosted the annual winter workshops in Wilbur and Clarkston. Attendance for the winter workshops was down from 253 in 2019 to 141 in 2020. However, we are looking forward to increased attendance in 2021! In addition to the traditional outreach activities of field days and workshops we continue to utilize podcasts, websites, and social media to spread the most recent information on canola production in Washington state. The WOCS website functions as the primary storehouse of the research conducted on oilseeds as part of the WOCS. The WOCS Facebook page also continues to be active as a platform for disseminating information on upcoming events and any interesting observations we encounter while we are out and about the countryside. Additionally, Drew Lyon of the Wheat & Small Grains extension team was kind enough to host two canola centric interviews on The WSU Wheat Beat Podcast. Finally, 2020 has been an odd year to conduct research with social distancing in place please keep an eye out for video recording discussing the current research and extension efforts being conducted on oilseeds at WSU.


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