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Progress Report, 2018


Download the complete 2018 Progress Report (pdf)

After nearly twelve years of field, greenhouse, and laboratory research, the Washington State Oilseed Cropping Systems (WOCS) project has compiled a significant volume of data and results that are tremendously valuable to stakeholders in Washington State and surrounding states. The catch is how to most effectively share all we’ve learned, and that is where the Extension and outreach portion of the WOCS program plays an ongoing, and critical role. Field tours are a traditional method to convey information, but we have found that a wide range of communication is key to reaching more people and being the ‘go to’ resource when growers, crop consultants, and others have questions about anything oilseed related. The WOCS website contains information ranging from variety trial results to Extension publications to presentations. Facebook (WSU Oilseeds) has been effective to announce upcoming events and current field reports, and emails, phone calls, farm visits, radio interviews, ‘stop ‘n’ talk’ field tours, and texts are a year-round means of staying in touch with stakeholders. We are part of the Dryland Crops Team at WSU, the WA Oilseed Commission, and the PNW and U.S. Canola Associations. The annual WOCS oilseed workshops were a success once again, with 253 individuals attending the two locations, and 115 of those were first-time attendees. Outreach beyond Washington state has strengthened collaboration between PNW university colleagues. The culmination of all that the WOCS team has produced, along with neighboring universities, will be the publication of a PNW Canola Production Guide. Canola acreage increased again in 2018 in WA (65,000 acres) and the 4-state PNW region (230,000 acres). We believe in order for that trend to continue, the oilseed research and Extension efforts of the WOCS project needs to strive to meet the educational needs of all involved in the oilseed industry in Washington state.

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