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Powerpoint Presentations

2015 PNW Oilseed & Direct Seed Conference

General and Keynote Sessions

Day 1 – Production Innovations and Strategies

Conference Welcome (pdf) – Bill Pan, Washington State University

Case Study for Cropping Concepts in North Central Washington (pdf) – Frank Young, USDA-ARS, Pullman, WA

Innovations in Agriculture and Components of a Successful Cropping System (pdf) – Neil Harker, Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada

High Residue Farming in Irrigated Cropping Systems (pdf) – Andy McGuire, WSU Grant Co. Extension

Innovative Production Strategies – Producer Panel:

Precision Ag Panel  – Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and Satellite Imagery:

Day 2 – Soil Health and Quality

Soil Research: The New Frontier (pdf) – Jim Moyer, Director WSU Ag Research Centers, Pullman, WA

Healthy Plants Grow in Healthy Soils (pdf) – Jill Clapperton, Rhizoterra

Soil Health and Quality – Panel:

Cover Crop Trends in the U.S. (pdf) – Rob Myers, University of Missouri and North Central SARE

Challenges of Cover Cropping (pdf) (Blackleg emphasis) – Lindsey du Toit, WSU, Mount Vernon, WA

Maximizing Retention of Moisture in Low-Rainfall Regions (pdf) – Markus Braaten and Elston Solberg, Agri-Trend

Day 3 – Marketing and Economics

Welcome and Thoughts on Innovation (pdf) – John McNabb, PNDSA President

The Economic Environment for Biodiesel: Plant Location Decisions and Feedstock Dynamics (pdf) – Randy Fortenbery, WSU, Pullman, WA

Marketing Commodities in the Pacific Northwest (pdf) – Bud Reidner, McCoy Grain Terminal LLC

Transgenic Crops – The Methods, Pros & Cons of GMOs and Biotechnology (pdf) – Michael Neff, WSU, Pullman, WA

Oilseed Breakout Sessions

Canola 101: Getting Started and Revisiting the Basics:

Oilseed Variety Performance & Research – University Perspective:

Flax, Camelina, Mustard, and Other Oilseeds:

Winter Survival – Survival of the Fittest?:

Water Management in Dryland and Irrigated Systems:

Managing Chem Fallow for Oilseeds:

Nutrient and Soil pH Management Strategies:

Canola Variety Selection & Research – Industry Perspective:

What IS Canola Doing to the Soil?

Insect and Disease Management for Oilseed Crops:

2014 – The Year Your Neighbor Was Right…But is Opportunity Knocking?

  • Curtis Hennings, Ritzville; Andy Juris, Bickelton; Denver Black, Mansfield

Forage, Grazing and Feed – It’s Not Just the Seed!


Agronomy & Economy of Rotations with Oilseeds:

Marketing Strategies – The Big and Little Pictures:

Direct Seed Breakout Sessions

Organic Soil Amendments that are Maximizing Moisture and Yields: Tradition Meets Precision (pdf) – Thad Schutt, Royal Organics; Royal City, WA

Sharpening Your Skills with Precision Ag Tools, Data Management, and Production Decisions (pdf) – Ryan Kuster, Ag Enterprise Supply, Inc.; Cheney, WA

Brassica Green Manure Use in Commercial Production (pdf) – Dale Gies, High Performance Seeds, Inc.; Moses Lake, WA

Palouse Soil Carbon Project Now Enrolling New Farmers (pdf) – Stephen Apfelbaum, Applied Ecological Services Inc. & Native Energy; Brodhead, WI

Collecting and Deciphering Precision Ag Data to Improve Your Production Decisions

Stripper Header – Research and On-farm Experiences

Rattail Fescue and Russian Thistle Management 

Analysis Tool for Real-time Monitoring of Water Quality, Soil Quality, and Plant Nutrition – Jill Clapperton, Rhizoterra

Can Cover Crops Replace Summer Fallow?

Rotational N Uptake Efficiency, What are we Missing with Single Season Estimates?

  • Aaron Esser (pdf), WSU Extension, Davenport, WA
  • Tai McClellan Maaz, WSU, Pullman, WA

Cover Crops with Direct Seed Rotation and Grazing in North Central Idaho (pdf) – Doug Finkelnburg and Ken Hart, UI Extension; Drew Leitch, Nezperce, ID

Soil Health 101: Farming in the 21st Century, a Practical Approach to Improve Soil Health (pdf) – Marlon Winger, USDA-NRCS, Boise, ID

Analyzing Machinery Costs: Methods for Calculating and Comparing Costs (pdf) – Kate Painter, UI, Moscow, ID

Farmed Smart Certification: Update (pdf)– Kay Meyer, PNDSA Executive Director, Colfax, WA



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