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Mohammed Riajul Islam

Adjunct Faculty (Sep. 2013 – Present)

Department of Crop & Soil Sciences
271 Johnson Hall
Washington State University
Pullman, WA 99164-6420 USA

Telephone: (509) 335-3036 (Office)
(509) 432-9547 (Cell)

Fax: (509)335-8674


Curriculum vitae (pdf)

Research & Teaching Interests:

  • Environmental geochemistry
  • Environmental biogeochemistry
  • Surficial geology
  • Soil chemistry
  • Water quality
  • Soil mineralogy
  • Environmental microbiology
  • Astrobiology

Dr. Mohammed Riajul Islam has received his Ph.D. in 1996 from the Institute of Geosciences, University of Oulu, Finland. Dr. Islam’s Ph.D. research area was ‘comparison of chemical weathering phenomena between climatically two different regions – Finnish Lapland and Bangladesh. Dr. Islam is a research investigator with 24 years of postdoctoral research and teaching experience in environmental geochemical/hydrogeochemical, environmental microbiological, radiochemical, mineralogical, biochemical, soil chemical, soil physical, and in astrobiological research. Dr. Islam has conducted his Postdoctoral research and teaching in Finnish Geological Survey (Environmental Geochemistry), Duke University (Earth and Ocean Sciences), University of Idaho (Environmental Biotechnology Institute, Soil Sciences, and Biology Departments) and in Washington State University (Geology, Crop & Soil Sciences, Food Science and Human Nutrition, Animal Sciences and in Civil & Environmental Engineering Departments). Dr. Islam’s main research area is arsenic and other toxic metal contaminations of groundwater, surface water, and soil in Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Finnish Lapland, Norway, and in United States. Dr. Islam has published 13 articles in peer reviewed journals, 15 in conference proceedings and has delivered more than 14 scientific talks and poster presentations at international conferences. Dr. Islam has been serving as an Adjunct Faculty in Crop & Soil Sciences Department (Soil Chemistry/Environmental Geochemistry), Washington State University, Pullman, WA since September 2013.


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