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“Extension provides non-formal education and learning activities to people throughout the country – to farmers and other residents of rural communities as well as to people living in urban areas. It emphasizes taking knowledge gained through research and education and bringing it directly to the people to create positive changes.” USDA-NIFA

In the Irrigated Soils Lab at WSU-Prosser sharing the knowledge we gain through research is just as important as the research we do. Here are some of the posters, presentations and extension publications developed from our lab for extension and outreach in soil fertility and management.

General Soils Information:

YouTube Channel

Visualizing Soil Properties

The Hows and Whys of Soils Testing : YouTube Video

How to use Soil Web Survey : YouTube Video

Collecting and Interpreting Soil Tests

Soil Testing in Recently Acidified Soils

Poster about soil texture

Soil formation poster

Fertilizer and nutrient management for flower bulbs


Concord Water Use

The Whys of Concord Chlorosis

Understanding Your Vineyard Site

Wine Grape Nutrient Management Presentation, Colorado 2013

Soil Assessment and Testing for Grapes

Soil and Tissue Testing for New and Established Vineyards

Poster on Washington AVAs and Soils

Nitrogen Fertilizer and White Wine Management

Tissue Nutrient Standards for Grape

Matching Varieties to Site

Nutrient Distribution in Concord

Concord Nutrient Breakfast No 1

Concord Nutrient Breakfast No 2

Concord Nutrient Breakfast No 3


Phosphorus Management for Cranberry

Nutrition Basics

Tools for Nutrient Management

Cranberry Nutrition A to Z

Extension Publications

Davenport, J. R.  2016.  Soils for producing premium grapes (Video Publication).  In Moyer, M.M. and G.A. Hoheisel (eds). Vine to Wine: Successfully Establishing a Vineyard and Winery. WSU Extension Publication OM41. Washington State University.

Davenport, J. R.  2016.  Nutrient management for new and existing vineyards (Video Publication).  In Moyer, M.M. and G.A. Hoheisel (eds). Vine to Wine: Successfully Establishing a Vineyard and Winery. WSU Extension Publication OM41. Washington State University.

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Davenport, J.R., and D.A. Horneck. 2011. Sampling guide and nutrient assessments for irrigated vineyards of the inland Pacific Northwest. PNW 622. (pdf)

Olmstead, M., J. Davenport, and R. Smithyman. 2005. Blackleaf in grapes. WSU Coop Ext. EB0745. (pdf)

Roper, T., J. Davenport, C. DeMoranville, S. Marchand, A. Poole, and K. Patten. 2004. Phosphorus for bearing cranberries in North America. Multi-state publication printed by the University of Wisconsin – Madison. (pdf)

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Davenport, J., C. DeMoranville, J. Hart, and T. Roper. 2000. Nitrogen for bearing cranberries in North America.  OSU, UMASS, WSU and UW Extension Bulletin EM 8741. (This bulletin has been translated into French as of September 2000). (pdf)

Davenport, J., C. DeMoranville, J. Hart, K. Patten, L. Petersen, T. Planer, A. Poole, T. Roper, and J. Smith. 1995. Cranberry tissue testing for producing beds in North America. Jointly published by Northland Cranberries, Ocean Spray Cranberries, Inc., Oregon State University, University of Massachusetts Cranberry Experiment Station, University of Wisconsin, and Washington State University Bulletin. 4 pages. (pdf)