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Gill Lab Project Resources


1. Germplasm: With the objective to capture variability present in the cultivated wheat of the world, a collection of 670 wheat lines was made including 297 spring lines and 373 winter. This collection includes 96 varieties from Pacific Northwest (PNW), 125 lines of a historical wheat collection, and 80 lines from CIMMYT covering the major wheat growing regions of the world. The remaining lines are US wheat varieties collected from major wheat growing areas that were popular during the last 50 years. The phenotypic data on coleoptile length, emergence from deep planting depth, thousand kernel weight and plant height was recorded on all the world collection lines.


2. Mutant Sequence Data: Sequencing reads of all mutants and two wild type plants were submitted to the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) Sequence Read Archive (study SRP056743). The study can also be accessed from the following link.


3. Mutant Request: The mutants generated for various phenotypic traits are hosted at Washington State University and are available to the scientific community. To request these mutants, please contact Dr Kulvinder S Gill ( The study can be accessed from the following link: