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Crop Science Seminars, Fall 2015

Crops 510
Monday, 2:30 PM in Johnson Hall Room 204 and via WECN
Organized by Kulvinder Gill,

August 24 – Organizational Meeting

August 31 – Kulvinder Gill
“The Ph1 Gene of Wheat and its Application in Alien Introgression”

September 7 – no seminar, Labor Day

September 14 – Arron Carter
“Plant Breeding: A Serendipitous Adventure”

September 21 – Michael Neff
“Fundamental Research on Seedling Development Leads to Surprising Applications in Crops”

Fall 2015 Student Choice Seminar
September 28 – Jeremy Bunch, Shepherd’s Grain
“Through New Eyes: Shepherd’s Grain and a Fresh Look at Ag Economics and Sustainable Agriculture”

October 5 – Ragupati Nagarajan
“Rubisco Activase: A Potential Target for Crop Improvement”

October 12 – Kanwardeep Singh
“Understanding Mechanism and Evolution of Chromosome Pairing Control in Wheat”

October 19 – Eva Erdayani
“Understanding the Role of Heat Shock Protein 101 (HSP101) in Heat Tolerance in Wheat”

October 26 – Colin Curwen-McAdams
“Regional Plant Breeding”

November 2 – Louisa Winkler
“Reviving Oats for Western Washington: Why and How?”

November 9 – Kendra Jernigan
“Genetic Analysis of End-Use Quality Traits in Soft White Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)”

November 16 – Thiel Lehman
“Determining the Missing Link Between Cell Wall Morphogenesis and Hormone Crosstalk”

November 23 – no seminar, Thanksgiving break

November 30 – Kelsey Highet
“Optimizing Seeding Rates for Chickpeas and Lentils in the Pacific Northwest”

December 7 – Leorardo Hinojosa
“Heat Tolerance in Quinoa (Chenopodium quinoa Willd.)”