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Crop and Soil Science Seminars, Spring 2017


Spring 2017 Seminars

Monday, 1:10-3:00 p.m. in Johnson Hall 343

SOIL_SCI 501 Contact/Organizer:  Dr. John Reganold,
CROP_SCI 510 Contact/Organizer:  Dr. Kimberly Garland-Campbell,
Arrangements have been made to broadcast to Mt. Vernon, Prosser, Puyallup, and Wenatchee stations.

January 9

Organizational meeting

January 16

no seminar Martin Luther King Jr Day

January 23

Michael Neff, Director, Molecular Plant Sciences Graduate Program and Professor
“Advances in Biotechnology: Cigenics and Genome Editing”

January 30

Brett Carver, Regents Professor Wheat Genetics Chair in Agriculture and
Misha Manuchehri, Asst. Professor and Small Grains Extension Specialist, Dept. of Plant and Soil Sciences, Oklahoma State University
“Winter Wheat from the Plains to the Palouse: Not Such a Great Divide?”

February 6

Maria Itria Ibba, Crop Science Ph.D Student
“Molecular Characterization of the Low Molecular Weight Glutenin Gene Family Members and their Effect on Wheat Quality”

February 13

Dave Huggins, USDA-ARS
“LTAR on the Palouse”

February 20

no seminar, Presidents Day

February 27

Camile Steber, USDA-ARS
“LMA as a Cause of Low Falling Numbers in Wheat”

March 6

John Reganold, Regents Professor
“What 40 Years of Science Tells Us About Organic Agriculture”

March 13

no seminar, Spring Break

March 20

Daolin Fu
“Map-based Cloning of a Dominant Male-Sterility Gene in Wheat”

March 27 – Student Seminars

  • Stephen Taylor, Soil Science M.S. Student
    “Cosmetic Microbeads and Silver Nanoparticles in Wastewater, Biosolids, and Soil”
  • Muhammad Khan, Crop Science Ph.D. Student
    “Promoter Characterization and Protein Identification of the Ph1 Gene that Regulates Chromosome Pairing in Wheat (Triticum aestivum)”
  • Caleb Squires, Crop Science Ph.D. Student
    “Fenoxaprop-p-ethyl Metabolism Knockouts”

April 3 – Student Seminars

  • Bikash Ghimire, Crop Science M.S. Student
    “In situ Imaging of Root System Architecture to Improve Drought Tolerance and Yield in Spring Wheat”
  • John Spring, Crop Science Ph.D. Student
    “Diversity of Russian-thistle (Salsola tragus L.) in the Inland Pacific Northwest”
  • Jeremy Hansen, Soil Science Ph.D. Student
    “Rotational Effects of Oilseed Crops on Subsequent Wheat Crops as Related to the Soil Microbial Community”

April 10 – Student Seminars

  • Yuanhong Song, Soil Science M.S. Student
    “Modeling the Soil Carbon Spatial Variability at Field Scale on the Palouse”
  • Jeffrey Boehm, Crop Science Ph.D. Student
    “Classification of Soft Durum Wheat (Triticum turgidum subsp. durum) and Genetic Analysis of End-Use Quality Traits in Hard Red Spring Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) Using a GBS Approach”
  • Ian Clark
    “Aiming for Perennial Wheat: Can Studying Root Systems Identify Key Traits for Perenniality?”

April 17 – Student Seminars

  • Kristofor Ludvigson, Crop Science M.S. Student
    “The Effect of White Chinese Geese on Weed Densities in Certified Organic Quinoa Production”
  • Julianne Kellogg, Crop Science M.S. Student
    “Evolutionary Participatory Quinoa Breeding for Organic Agroecosystems in the Pacific Northwest”
  • Dylan Larkin, Crop Science M.S. Student
    “Comparison of Greenhouse and Field Rating Systems for Fusarium Crown Rot in Winter Wheat”
  • Eva Erdayani, Crop Science Ph.D. Student
    “Identification and Expressional Profiling of HSP101/CLPB Family in Bread Wheat”

April 24 – Student Seminars

  • Nathan Stacey, Soil Science Ph.D. Student
    “Composted Biosolids: A Nutrient Substitute for Golf Course Fairways?”
  • Esraa Alalwan, Crop Science Ph.D. Student
    “Precise Mapping of Hessian Fly Resistance Gene via 90K SNP Assay”
  • Colin Curwen-McAdams, Crop Science Ph.D. Student
    “Developing Perennial Grain Crops from Wheat”
  • Wiharti Purba, Crop Science M.S. Student
    “Biology and Control of Broadleaf Dock”

May 1

Alison Thompson, USDA-ARS Maricopa, AZ
“High Throughput Phenotyping in Cotton”