Fall 2017 Seminars

Monday, 1:10-3:00 p.m. in Johnson Hall 343

SOIL_SCI 501 Contact/Organizer:  Dr. Jessica Goldberger, jgoldberger@wsu.edu
CROP_SCI 510 Contact/Organizer:  Dr. Kevin Murphy, kmurphy2@wsu.edu

Arrangements have been made to broadcast to Mt. Vernon, Prosser, Puyallup, and Wenatchee stations.

August 21 – Organizational meeting (for enrolled students only)

August 28 – Dr. Lori Carris, Associate Dean, Graduate School, and Professor, Department of Plant Pathology
“Navigating Your Graduate Program at WSU”

September 4 – no seminar, Labor Day

September 11 – Ryan Higginbotham, Director, WSU Cereal Variety Testing Program
“WSU Cereal Variety Testing Program”

September 18 – Dr. Brian Irish, Geneticist/Curator, USDA-ARS Plant Germplasm Introduction and Testing Research Unit
“What Do Spinach, Bananas, and Alfalfa Have in Common?”

September 25 – Dr. William Pan, Professor, Dept. of Crop and Soil Sciences
“Nitrogen Use Efficiency Analysis from Soil Fertility, Breeding, and Physiology Perspectives: A Case Study of Interdisciplinary Science”

October 2 – Dr. Katherine Dentzman, Postdoctoral Research Associate, Dept. of Crop and Soil Sciences
” ‘I Would Say That Might Be All It Is, Is Hope’: The Framing of Weed Resistance and How Farmers Explain Their Faith in Herbicides”

October 9 – Cornelius Adewale, Ph.D. Candidate, Environmental and Natural Resource Sciences
“Global Warming Potential of Organic Farms: Impact of Farm Size and Cover Crops”

October 16 – Practice Talks for ASA/CSSA/SSSA Annual Meeting

Rachel Breslauer, M.S. Candidate in Soil Science
“A Hard Spot to Farm: The Impact of Hydraulically Restrictive Horizons on Nitrogen Use Efficiency in Winter Wheat”

Leonardo Hinojosa, Ph.D. Candidate in Crop Science
“Effect of High Temperature on Pollen Morphology and Plant Growth in Quinoa”

October 23 – no seminar, ASA/CSSA/SSSA Annual Meeting

October 30 –

David Sullivan, M.S. Candidate, Soil Science (exit seminar)
“Cover-Crop Based Strip Tillage for Organic Vegetable Production”

Nikayla Strauss, Ph.D. Candidate, Crop Science (proposal seminar)
“High Throughput Phenotyping and the DNAM Population”

November 6 – Dr. Jonathan Deenik, Soil Fertility and Soil Quality Specialist, Department of Tropical Plant and Soil Sciences, University of Hawaii at Manoa
“Atolls to High Volcanoes: Soil Diversity and Agricultural Adaptation Across Micronesia”

November 13 –

Brigid Meints, Ph.D. Candidate, Crop Science (exit seminar)
“Breeding Barley and Beans for Northwest Washington”

Henry Sintim, Ph.D. Candidate, Soil Science (exit seminar)
“Biodegradable Plastic Mulches: Degradation and Impacts on Soil Properties”

November 20 – no school, Thanksgiving Break

November 27 –

James Chen, Ph.D. Candidate, Crop Science (proposal seminar)
“Application of Random Forest on Genomics Selection”

Wilson Craine, Ph.D. Candidate, Crop Science (proposal seminar)
“Camelina Breeding at WSU”

December 4 –

Kanwardeep Singh, Ph.D. Candidate, Crop Science (exit seminar)
“Evolution of Ph1 Gene and Its Use in Wheat Breeding”

Micheal Dietz, B.S. Candidate, Turfgrass Management (undergrad seminar)
“PoaCure: A New Herbicide for Annual Bluegrass Control”