Katherine E. Dentzman

Katherine Dentzman hiking

Post-doctoral research associate

Department of Crop and Soil Sciences
Johnson Hall Room 251
PO Box 646420
Pullman, WA 99164
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Faculty supervisor

Jessica Goldberger

Educational background

Ph.D. Sociology, Michigan State University
M.A. Sociology (Specialization in Ecological Food and Farming Systems), Michigan State University

Area of research interest

Environmental Sociology, Industrialized and Alternative Agricultural Systems, Mixed Methods, Place Studies, Agricultural Technology, Local Food Systems, Herbicide Resistant Weed Management, Sustainability, Inequality


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Dentzman, K., and R. Jussaume. 2017. The Ideology of U.S. Agriculture: How are Integrated Management Approaches Envisioned? Society & Natural Resources

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Dentzman, K., R. Gunderson, and R. Jussaume. 2016. Techno-optimism as a barrier to overcoming herbicide resistance: Comparing farmer perceptions of the future potential of herbicides. Journal of Rural Studies 48 (2016): 22-32.

McCright, A.M., M. Charters, K. Dentzman, and T. Dietz. 2016. Examining the Effectiveness of Climate Change Frames in the Face of a Climate Change Denial Counter‐Frame. Topics in cognitive science 8, no. 1 (2016): 76-97.

McCright, A.M., K. Dentzman, M. Charters, and T. Dietz. 2013. The influence of political ideology on trust in science. Environmental Research Letters 8, no. 4 (2013): 044029.