Kaori Ando

Kaori Ando in a field

Post-doctoral research associate

Department of Crop and Soil Sciences
207 Vogel
Pullman, WA 99164


Faculty supervisor

Dr. Mike Pumphrey

Educational background

Ph.D. Plant Breeding and Genetics-Horticulture, Michigan State University

Area of research interest

Pre-Breeding, Disease Resistance, Marker Assisted Breeding


Rawat N., M.O. Pumphrey, S. Liu, X. Zhang, V.K. Tiwari, K. Ando, H.N. Trick, W.W. Bockus, E. Akhunov, J.A. Anderson, and B.S. Gill. 2016. Wheat Fhb1 encodes a chimeric lectin with agglutinin domains and a pore-forming toxin-like domain conferring resistance to Fusarium head blight. Nature Genetics. http://dx.doi.org/10.1038/ng.3706

Naruoka, Y., K. Ando, P. Bulli, KT. Muleta, S. Rynearson, and MO. Pumphrey. 2016. Identification and validation of SNP markers linked to the stripe rust resistance gene Yr5 in wheat. Crop Science. 56:1-11.

Ando, K. and MO. Pumphrey. 2015. Cataloging stripe rust resistance genes in elite Pacific Northwest spring wheat through genome-wide association mapping. 2015 Dryland Field Day Abstracts. p.52.