Jonathan Wachter

Jonathan Wachter

(Ph.D. Soil Science)



I grew up in Berkeley, California, spending my summers hiking and climbing in the Sierra Nevada mountains, and the winters hiking in the coastal forests.  After highschool, I moved to New Hampshire to study forest ecology at Dartmouth College, where I was exposed to interdisciplinary sustainability efforts and concepts of systems and resilience thinking.  After a short break from school, I decided to come to WSU to apply ecological thinking to agricultural systems.

I plan to focus on nitrogen cycling in integrated cropping and livestock systems.  Being an NSPIRE fellow, my research will integrate research on nitrogen cycling with policy-making. 

Advisor: Dr. John Reganold


On a personal note…

One of my favorite things is making bread.  Good bread dough feels and smells alive.  The feeling of the dough, the smell of it baking, the sound of the crackling crust cooling, and finally eating fresh warm bread, together make baking one of my favorite things to do.

Best discovery here:
When there are clouds in the sky, the sunsets and sunrises in the Palouse can be spectacular.