Michael O. Pumphrey


Associate Professor and Endowed Chair

381 Johnson Hall
PO Box 646420
Pullman WA 99164-6420 USA
Phone 509-335-0509
FAX 509-335-8674



B.S.  2000.  Oklahoma State University.  Plant and Soil Sciences
M.S.  2003.  University of Minnesota.  Applied Plant Sciences
Ph.D.  2007.  Kansas State University.  Plant Pathology

I lead the spring wheat breeding and genetics program. We are focused on development of biotic and abiotic stress tolerant, high-yielding, and high-quality spring wheat varieties for diverse Washington (Pacific Northwest) production environments. Genetic dissection of disease resistance, grain quality, and abiotic stress tolerance traits are major research areas. Germplasm enhancement, application of genomics information and technology, and appropriate breeding and selection schemes are integrated to strengthen long-term variety development efforts and accelerate genetic gain.

Spring Wheat Research Group 2011

Selected Publications

Bajgain, P., M.N. Rouse, P. Bulli, S. Bhavani, T. Gordon, R. Wanyera, P.N. Njau, W. Legesse, J.A. Anderson, and M.O. Pumphrey. Association Mapping of North American Spring Wheat Breeding Germplasm Reveals Loci Conferring Resistance to Ug99. BMC Plant Biology. In press.

Sankaran, S., L.R. Khot, C. Zúñiga Espinoza, S. Jarolmasjed, V. Sathuvalli, G. Vandemark, P.N. Miklas, A. Carter, M. Pumphrey, N.R. Knowles, and M. J. Pavek. 2015. Low-Altitude, High-Resolution Aerial Imaging Systems for Row and Field Crop Phenotyping: A Review. European Journal of Agronomy. 70:112-123.

Yin, C., S.I. Downey, N.L. Klages-Mundt, S. Ramachandran, X. Chen, L.J. Szabo, M. Pumphrey, and S.H. Hulbert. 2015. Identification of Promising Host-Induced Silencing Targets Among Genes Preferentially Transcribed in Haustoria of Puccinia. BMC Genomics. 16:579.

Olivera P., M. Newcomb, L.J. Szabo, M. Rouse, J. Johnson, S. Gale, D.G. Luster, D. Hodson, J.A. Cox, L. Burgin, C.A. Gilligan, M. Patpour, A.F. Justesen, M.S. Hovmøller, G. Woldeab, E. Hailu, B. Hundie, K. Tadesse, M. Pumphrey, R.P. Singh, and Y. Jin. 2015. Phenotypic and Genotypic Characterization of Race TKTTF of Puccinia graminis f. sp. tritici that Caused a Wheat Stem Rust Epidemic in Southern Ethiopia in 2013/14. Phytopathology. 105:917-928.

Maccaferri M.*, J. Zhang*, P. Bulli*, Z. Abate, S. Chao, D. Cantu, E. Bossolini, X. Chen, M. Pumphrey, and J. Dubcovsky. 2015. A Genome-Wide Association Study (GWAS) of Resistance to Stripe Rust (Puccinia striiformis f. sp. tritici) in a Worldwide Collection of Hexaploid Spring Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.). G3: Genes|Genomes|Genetics. 5:449-465. *First three authors contributed equally.

Sherman, J.D., N.K. Blake, J.M. Martin, K.D. Kephart, J. Smith, D.R. Clark, M.L. Hofland, D.K. Weaver, S.P. Lanning, H.-Y. Heo, M. Pumphrey, J. Chen, and L.E. Talbert. 2015. Agronomic Impact of a Stem Solidness Gene in Near-Isogenic Lines of Wheat. Crop Science. 55:514-520

Forrest, K.L., V. Pujol, P. Bulli, M. Pumphrey, C. Wellings, S. Herrera-Foessel, J. Huerta-Espino, R. Singh, E.L. Lagudah, M. Hayden and W. Spielmeyer. 2014. Development of a SNP Marker Assay for Adult Plant Resistance Gene Lr67 of Wheat Using a Genotyping by Sequencing Approach. Molecular Breeding. 34:2109-2118.

Hulbert S.H., and M.O.Pumphrey. 2014. A Time for More Booms and Fewer Busts? Unraveling Cereal–Rust Interactions. Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions. 27:207-214.

Davidson Evanega, S., R.P Singh, R. Coffman, and M.O. Pumphrey. 2014. The Borlaug Global Rust Initiative: Reducing the Genetic Vulnerability of Wheat to Rust. pp. 317-331 In Genomics of Plant Genetic Resources. Vol. 2. Crop productivity, food security, and nutritional quality. Springer Netherlands.

Cavanagh, C., S. Chao, S. Wang, B.E. Huang, S. Kiani, K. Forrest, C. Saintenac, G. Brown-Guedira, A. Akhunova, D. See, G. Bai, M. Pumphrey, L. Tomar, D. Wong, S. Kong, M. Reynolds, M.L. da Silva, H. Bockelman, L. Talbert, J. Anderson, S. Dreisigacker, S. Baenziger, A. Carter, V. Korzun, P. Morrell, J. Dubcovsky, M. Sorrells, M. Hayden, E. Akhunov. 2013. Genome-Wide Comparative Diversity Uncovers Multiple Targets of Selection for Improvement in a Worldwide Sample of Hexaploid Wheat Landrace and Cultivars. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.110: 8057-8062.

Olson, E.L., M. Rouse, M. Pumphrey, R. Bowden, B.S. Gill, and J. Poland. 2013. Introgression of Stem Rust Resistance Genes SrTA10187 and SrTA10171 from Aegilops tauschii to Wheat.  Theoretical and Applied Genetics. 126: 2477-2484.

Smiley, R.W., J.M. Marshall, J.A. Gourlie, T.C. Paulitz, S.L. Kandel, M.O. Pumphrey, K. Garland-Campbell, G.P. Yan, M.D. Anderson, M.D. Flowers, and C.A. Jackson. 2013. Spring Wheat Tolerance and Resistance to Heterodera avenae in the Pacific Northwest. Plant Disease. 97:590-600.

Olson, E.L., M. Rouse, M. Pumphrey, R. Bowden, B.S. Gill, and J. Poland. 2013. Simultaneous Transfer, Introgression, and Genomic Localization of Genes for Resistance to Stem Rust Race TTKSK (Ug99) from Aegilops tauschii into Wheat.  Theoretical and Applied Genetics. 126:1179-1188.

Liu, W., T. Danilova, M. Rouse, R. Bowden, B. Friebe, B.S. Gill, and M. Pumphrey. 2013. Development and Characterization of a Compensating Wheat-Thinopyrum intermedium Robertsonian Translocation with Sr44 Resistance to Stem Rust (Ug99).  Theoretical and Applied Genetics. 126:1167-1177.

Geng, H., B.S. Beecher, M. Pumphrey, Z. He, and C.F. Morris. 2013. Segregation Analysis Indicates that Puroindoline b-2 Variants 2 and 3 are Allelic in Triticum aestivum and that a Revision to Puroindoline b-2 Gene Symbolization is Indicated.  Journal of Cereal Science. 57: 61-66.

Lanning, S.P., P. Hucl, M. Pumphrey, A.H. Carter, P.F. Lamb, G.R. Carlson, D.M. Wichman, K.D. Kephart, D. Spaner, J.M. Martin and L.E. Talbert. 2012.  Agronomic Performance of Spring Wheat as Related to Planting Date and Photoperiod Response.  Crop Science 52:1633-1639.

Lanning, S.P.,  J.M. Martin, N.K. Blake, J.D. Sherman, A.M. Robbins, R.N. Stougaard, K.D. Kephart, P. Lamb, G.R. Carlson, M. Pumphrey, and L.E. Talbert. 2012. Evaluation of Near-Isogenic Lines for Three Height-Reducing Genes in Hard Red Spring Wheat. Crop Science 52:1145-1152.

Liu, W., Y. Jin, M. Rouse, B. Friebe, B.S. Gill, and M.O. Pumphrey. 2011. Discovery and Molecular Mapping of a New Gene Conferring Resistance to Stem Rust, Sr53, derived from Aegilops geniculata and Characterization of Spontaneous Translocation Stocks with Reduced Alien Chromatin.  Chromosome Research 19:669-682.

Liu, W., Y. Jin, M. Rouse, B. Friebe, B.S. Gill, and M.O. Pumphrey. 2011. Development and Characterization of Wheat-Ae. searsii Robertsonian Translocations and a Recombinant Chromosome with Stem Rust Resistance Gene Sr51Theoretical and Applied Genetics 122:1537-1545.

Rouse, M., E.L. Olson, B.S. Gill, M. Pumphrey, and Y. Jin. 2011. Stem Rust Resistance in Aegilops tauschii. Crop Science 51:2074-2078.

Peiris, K., M.O. Pumphrey, Y. Dong, and F.E. Dowell. 2011. Fusarium Head Blight Symptoms and Mycotoxin Levels in Single Kernels of Infected Wheat Spikes. Cereal Chemistry 88: 291-295.

Qi, L.L., M.O. Pumphrey, B. Friebe, P. Zhang, C. Qian, R.L. Bowden, M. Rouse, Y. Jin, and B.S. Gill. 2011. A Novel Robertsonian Translocation Event Leads to Transfer of a Stem Rust Resistance Gene (Sr52) Effective Against Race Ug99 from Dasypyrum villosum into Wheat. Theoretical and Applied Genetics 123:159-167.

Periyannan, S., U. Bansal, H. Bariana, M. Pumphrey, and E. Lagudah. 2011. A Robust Molecular Marker for the Detection of Shortened Introgressed Segment Carrying the Stem Rust Resistance Gene Sr22 in Common Wheat. Theoretical and Applied Genetics 122:1-7.

Peiris, K., M.O. Pumphrey, Y. Dong, E.B. Maghirang, W. Berzonsky, and F.E. Dowell. 2010. Near-Infrared Spectroscopic Method for Identification of Fusarium Head Blight Damage and Prediction of Deoxynivalenol in Single Wheat Kernels. Cereal Chemistry  87:511–517.

Choulet, F.T. Wicker, C. Rustenholz, E. Paux, J. Salse, P. Leroy, S. Schlub, M-C Le Paslier, G. Magdelenat, C. Gonthier, A. Couloux, H. Budak, J. Breen, M. Pumphrey, S. Liu, X. Kong, J. Jia, M. Gut, D. Brunel, J.A. Anderson, B.S. Gill, R. Appels, B. Keller and C. Feuillet. 2010. Megabase Level Sequencing Reveals Contrasted Organization and Evolution Patterns of the Wheat Gene and Transposable Element Spaces. Plant Cell 22:1686-1701.

Zhang, W*., E.L. Olson*, C. Saintenac, M. Rouse, Z. Abate, Y. Jin, E. Akhunov, M. Pumphrey, and J. Dubcovsky. 2010. Genetic Maps of Stem Rust Resistance Gene Sr35 in Diploid and Hexaploid Wheat. Crop Science 50:2464–2474.  *First authors contributed equally.

Olson, E.L., G. Brown-Guedira, D. Marshall, E. Stack, R.L. Bowden, Y. Jin, M. Rouse, M.O. Pumphrey. 2010. Development of Wheat Lines Having a Small Introgressed Segment Carrying Stem Rust Resistance Gene Sr22.  Crop Science 50:1823–1830.

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