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John P. Reganold

John Reganold

Regents Professor of Soil Science & Agroecology

257 Johnson Hall
PO Box 646420
Pullman WA 99164-6420 USA
Phone 509-335-8856
FAX 509-335-3674


Curriculum Vitae May 2017 (pdf)


B.A., German, 1971, University of California at Berkeley
M.S. Soil Science,1974, University of California at Berkeley
Ph.D. Soil Science, 1980, University of California at Davis


Current Courses

SoilS 101: Organic Gardening Farming [3 credits]
SoilS/CropS 412: Undergraduate Seminar [1 credit]
SoilS 495: Research Experience [1-3 credits]
SoilS 498: Professional Internship [3 credits]
SoilS 499: Special Problems (Independent Study) [1-3 credits]
SoilS 501/CropS 510: Graduate Seminar [1 credit]
SoilS 503: Advanced Soil Analysis [1-3 credits]

Past Courses

SoilS 201: Soil: A Living System (Introductory Soils) [3 credits]
SoilS 301: Land Use and Soil Management [3 credits]
SoilS 505: Teaching Practicum [1 credit]

Teaching Directorships

Director of Organic Agriculture Systems Major (advise ~ 30 undergraduate majors)
Director of Online Organic Agriculture Certificate
Director of 30-acre Eggert Family Organic Farm


Agroecology and Sustainable Agriculture:  Measuring the effects of alternative and conventional farming systems on agricultural sustainability indicators, such as soil health, crop yield and quality, financial performance, environmental quality, and social responsibility. Learn more about Dr. Reganold’s research.

Selected Publications

Reganold, J.P. and J.D. Glover. 2016. A cure for Africa’s soil. Scientific American. 314(May):66-69.

Morrow, J.G., D.R. Huggins, L.A. Carpenter-Boggs, and J.P. Reganold. 2016. Evaluating measures to assess soil health in long-term agroecosystem trials. Soil Science Society of America Journal. 80:450-462.

Reganold, J.P. and J.M. Wachter. 2016. Organic agriculture in the 21st century. Nature Plants. 2:e15221. doi: 10.1038/NPLANTS.2015.221.

Crowder, D.W. and J.P. Reganold. 2015. Financial competitiveness of organic agriculture on a global scale. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 112:7611-7616.

Sandhu, H., S. Wratten, R. Constanza, J. Pretty, J.R. Porter, and J. Reganold. 2015. Significance and value of non-traded ecosystem services on farmland. PeerJ 3:e762

Reganold, J.P. 2013. Comparing organic and conventional farming systems: metrics and research approaches. Crop Management doi:10.1094/CM-2012-0XXX-01-RS.

Reganold, J.P. 2012. The fruits of organic farming. Nature 485:176-177.

Glover, J.D., J.P. Reganold, and C.M. Cox. 2012. Plant perennials to save Africa’s soils. Nature 489:359-361.

Reganold, J.P., D. Jackson-Smith, S.S. Batie, R.R. Harwood, J.L. Kornegay, D. Bucks, C.B. Flora, J.C. Hanson, W.A. Jury, D. Meyer, A. Schumacher, Jr., H. Sehmsdorf, C. Shennan, L.A. Thrupp, and P. Willis. 2011. Transforming U.S. agriculture. Science 332:670-671.

TerAvest, D., J.L. Smith, L. Carpenter-Boggs, D. Granatstein, L. Hoagland, and J.P. Reganold. 2011. Soil carbon pools, nitrogen supply, and tree performance under several groundcovers and compost rates in a newly planted apple orchard. HortScience 46:1687–1694.

Chiras, D.D. and J.P. Reganold. 2010. Natural Resource Conservation: Management for a Sustainable Future (10th edition). Prentice Hall, Upper Saddle River, New Jersey. 659 pp.

Reeve, J.R., C.W. Schadt, L. Carpenter-Boggs, S. Kang, J. Zhou, and J.P. Reganold. 2010. Effects of soil type and farm management on soil ecological functional genes and microbial activities. ISME Journal 4:1099-1107.

Glover, J.D., J.P. Reganold, L.W. Bell, J. Borevitz, E.C. Brummer, E.S. Buckler, C.M. Cox, T.S. Cox, T.E. Crews, S.W. Culman, L.R. DeHaan, D. Eriksson, B.S. Gill, J. Holland, F. Hu, B.S. Hulke, A.M.H. Ibrahim, W. Jackson, S.S. Jones, S.C. Murray, A.H. Paterson, E. Ploschuk, E.J. Sacks, S. Snapp, D. Tao, D.L. Van Tassel, L.J. Wade, D.L. Wyse, and Y. Xu. 2010. Increased food and ecosystem security via perennial grains. Science 328:1638-1639.

Sachs, J., R. Remans, S. Smukler, L. Winowiecki, S.J. Andelman, K.G. Cassman, D. Castle, R. DeFries, G. Denning, J. Fanzo, L.E. Jackson, R. Leemans, J. Lehmann, J.C. Milder, S. Naeem, G. Nziguheba, C.A. Palm, P.L. Pingali, J.P. Reganold, D.D. Richter, S.J. Scherr, J. Sircely, C. Sullivan, T.P. Tomich, and P.A. Sanchez. 2010. Monitoring the world’s agriculture. Nature 466:558-560.

Reganold, J.P., P.K. Andrews, J.R. Reeve, L. Carpenter-Boggs, C.W. Schadt, J.R. Alldredge, C.F. Ross, N.M. Davies, and J. Zhou. 2010. Fruit and soil quality of organic and conventional strawberry agroecosystems. PloS ONE 5(9): e12346.  doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0012346.

Huggins, D.R. and J.P. Reganold. 2008. No-till: The quiet revolution. Scientific American 299 (July):70-77.

Hoagland, L., L. Carpenter-Boggs, J.P. Reganold, and M. Mazzola. 2008. Role of native soil biology in Brassicaceous seed meal-induced weed suppression. Soil Biology and Biochemistry 40:1689-1697.

Glover, J.D., C.M. Cox, and J.P. Reganold. 2007. Future farming: A return to roots? Scientific American 297(August):82-89.

Kristiansen, P., A. Taji, and J. Reganold (eds.). 2006. Organic Agriculture: A Global Perspective. CSIRO Publishing, Collingwood, Victoria, Australia. 480 pp.

Kramer, S.B., J.P. Reganold, J.D. Glover, B.J.M. Bohannan, and H.A. Mooney. 2006. Reduced nitrate leaching and enhanced denitrifier activity and efficiency in organically fertilized soils. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 103:4522-4527.

Reganold, J.P., J.D. Glover, P.K. Andrews, and H.R. Hinman. 2001. Sustainability of three apple production systems. Nature 410:926-930.

Reganold, J.P., A.S. Palmer, J.C. Lockhart, and A.N. Macgregor. 1993. Soil quality and financial performance of biodynamic and conventional farms in New Zealand. Science 260:344-349.

Reganold, J.P., R.I. Papendick and J.F. Parr. 1990. Sustainable agriculture. Scientific American 262(June):112-120.

Reganold, J.P., L.F. Elliott and Y.L. Unger. 1987. Long-term effects of organic and conventional farming on soil erosion. Nature 330:370-372.

See more publications (pdf)

News Articles

WSU Soil Scientist Leads Expert Panel’s Call for ‘Transforming U.S. Agriculture’

Changes in markets, policies and science needed for more sustainable farming

A group of leading scientists, economists and farmers is calling for a broad shift in federal policies to speed the development of farm practices that are more economically, socially, and environmentally   sustainable.

Scientific American: Adoption of No-till Farming Practices

Regents Professor of soil science John Reganold and USDA-ARS soil scientist David Huggins have co-authored an article  appearing in the July 2008 issue of Scientific American on the adoption of no-till farming practices.

Organic wave—Produce in demand, farm to triple size

Two decades ago, organic agriculture was a fringe movement. It was generally ignored by land-grant researchers when John Reganold began comparing the soil quality, food nutrition, flavor and environmental impacts of conventional and organic methods.

PDF Accessibility

If you require an alternative format for any of the content provided on this website, please contact:

Samantha Crow
Administrative Assistant

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