James E. Durfey

James E. Durfey

233W Johnson Hall
PO Box 646420
Pullman WA 99164-6420 USA
Phone 509-335-7001
FAX 509-335-8674



M.A. Adult Continuing Education, Washington State University
B.S. Forestry Management and Agricultural Education, Washington State University
B.S. Agriculture (Agricultural Education), Washington State University

Teaching and Research Interests:
  • Agricultural Technology and Managment
  • Precision Agriculture
  • Water Quality in Agriculture
  • Agricultural Safety
  • Metal Fabrication
  • Mobile Hydraulics

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AgTM 330 Electrical Power Systems for Agriculture
AgTM 405 Advanced Agricultural Precision Systems


Transformers (pdf)

Phase Converts (doc)

Motors (pdf)

Motor Controllers (pdf)

Electronic Motor Locked Rotor Indicating Code Letters (doc)

Week 14, Lecture on Heating and Cooling (doc)

Week 14, Adjustable-Speed Drives-Tutorial (pdf)


Whitman County soil loss from Dave Huggins (pdf)

100 an Hour Jobs Spokane (pdf)

Chart  of the Effect of Soil pH on Nutrient Availability (doc)

Resource Conservation  and Precision Agriculture: An Agroecologic Synthesis of the  Eroded Palouse (pdf)

Correlation of Yield Maps with Infrared Photography (ppt)

Simplot Solutions, Agronomy Training, 11/9/05 (ppt)

Precision Guidance Systems for Efficient Material Application, 6mb (ppt)

Veris Correlates To Yield, (ppt)

On-The-Go Grain Protein Monitors, 6mb (ppt)