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Isaac Madsen

Isaac Madsen

Extension Agronomist

173 Johnson Hall
PO Box 646420
Pullman, WA 99164-6420 USA

Phone: 360-448-9081

Curriculum vitae (pdf)


  • B.S. WSU Field Crop Management 2011
  • Ph.D. WSU Soil Science 2017


My research interests are: Winter canola stand establishment and winter survival. Soil fertility and nutrient management in winter and spring canola. Oilseed-legume intercropping for increased water and nutrient efficiency.


Porter, M.J., W.L. Pan, W.F. Schillinger, I.J. Madsen, K.E. Sowers, and H. Tao. 2020. Winter Canola Response to Soil and Fertilizer Nitrogen. Crops & Soils, 53: 38-45.

Porter, M.J., W.L. Pan, W.F. Schillinger, I.J. Madsen, K.E. Sowers, and H. Tao. 2020. Winter Canola Response to Soil and Fertilizer Nitrogen in Semiarid Mediterranean Conditions. Agronomy Journal. 112: 801– 814.

Breslauer, R., D.J. Brown, W.L. Pan, D.R. Huggins, I.J. Madsen, and H. Tao. 2020. Dense subsoils limit winter wheat rooting depth and soil water depletion. Agronomy Journal. 112: 81– 91.

Kostyanovsky K.I., D.R. Huggins, C.O. Stockle, J.G. Morrow, and I.J. Madsen. 2019. Emissions of N2O and CO2 Following Short-Term Water and N Fertilization Events in Wheat-Based Cropping Systems. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution. 7:63.

Madsen, I.J., and W.L. Pan. 2019. Assessment of Relative Potencies of Nitrogen Sources on Seedling Root Systems. Agronomy Journal 111, no. 5:2445–52.

Maaz, T.M., W.F. Schillinger, S. Machado, E. Brooks, J.L. Johnson-Maynard, L.E. Young, F.L. Young, I. Leslie, A. Glover, I.J. Madsen, A. Esser, H.P. Collins, and W.L. Pan. 2017. Impact of Climate Change Adaptation Strategies on Winter Wheat and Cropping System Performance across Precipitation Gradients in the Inland Pacific Northwest, USA. Frontiers in Environmental Science, 5.

Pan, W.L., W.F. Schillinger, F.L. Young, E.M. Kirby, G.G. Yorgey, K.A. Borrelli, E.S. Brooks, V.A. McCracken, T.M. Maaz, S. Machado, I.J. Madsen, J.L. Johnson-Maynard, L.E. Port, K. Painter, D.R. Huggins, A. Esser, H.P. Collins, C.O. Stockle, and S.D. Eigenbrode. 2017. Integrating Historic Agronomic and Policy Lessons with New Technologies to Drive Farmer Decisions for Farm and Climate: The Case of Inland Pacific Northwestern U.S. Frontiers in Environmental Science, 5.

Pan, W.L., I.J. Madsen, R.P. Bolton, L. Graves, and T. Sistrunk. 2016. Ammonia/Ammonium Toxicity Root Symptoms Induced by Inorganic and Organic Fertilizers and Placement. Agronomy Journal, 108(6), 2485.


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Administrative Assistant

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