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Douglas R. Cobos

Adjunct Faculty

PO Box 646420
Pullman, WA  99164-6420 USA
Phone 509-332-2756
FAX 509-335-8674



B.A., Duke University, 1996
M.S. Texas A&M University, 1999
Ph.D., University of Minnesota, 2003


Soils 415/515


Instrumentation design and development for soil science, plant science, materials science, engineering, commercial agriculture, and (briefly) interplanetary research applications. Biophysical processes, specializing in surface-atmosphere mass and energy exchange.


J. R. Pinto, J.D. Marshall, R.K. Dumreose, A.S. Davis, and D.R. Cobos.  2012.  Photosynthetic response, carbon isotopic composition, survival, and growth of three stock types under water stress enhanced by vegetative competition.  Canadian Journal of Forest Resources, 42(2): 333-344.

A. Malazian, P. Hartsough, T. Kamai, G.S. Campbell, D.R. Cobos, and J.W. Hopmans.  2011.  Evaluation of MPS-1 soil water potential sensor.  Journal of Hydrology. 402: 126-134.

J. R. Pinto, J.D. Marshall, R.K. Dumreose, A.S. Davis, and D.R. Cobos.  2011.  Establishment and growth of container seedlings for reforestation: a function of stocktype and edaphic conditions.  Forest Ecology and Management.  26: 1876-1884.

C.S. Campbell, L.L. Bissey, D.R. Cobos, K.M. Dunne, G.S. Campbell, and D.J. Brown.  2010.  Insights into soil water use through interpreting moisture sensor data.  Journal of the Japanese Society of Soil Physics. 114: 19-22.

A.P. Zent, M.H. Hecht, D.R. Cobos, S.E. Wood, T.L. Hudson, S.M. Milkovich, L.P. DeFlores, and M.T. Mellon.  2009.  Initial Results from the Thermal and Electrical Conductivity Probe (TECP) on Phoenix.  Journal of Geophysical Research, Planets.  Vol. 115, E00E14, doi:10.1029/2009JE003420.

A.P. Zent, M.H. Hecht, D.R. Cobos, G.S. Campbell, C.S. Campbell, G. Cardell, M.C. Foote, S.E. Wood, and M. Mehta.  2009.  The Thermal and Electrical Conductivity Probe (TECP) for Phoenix.  Journal of Geophysical Research, Planets. Vol. 114, E00A27, doi: 10.1029/2007JE003052 

F. Kizito, C.S. Campbell, G.S. Campbell, D.R. Cobos, B.L. Teare, B. Carter, and J.W. Hopmans, 2008. Frequency, electrical conductivity and temperature analysis of a low-cost capacitance soil moisture sensor. Journal of Hydrology 352: 367-378.

B.R. Maricle, D.R. Cobos, and C.S. Campbell.  2007.  Biophysical and morphological leaf adaptations to drought and salinity in salt marsh grasses. Environmental and Experimental Botany 60: 458-467.

D.R. Cobos, G.S. Campbell, and C.S. Campbell. 2006. Modified Line Heat Source for Measurement of Thermal Properties on Mars.  In Thermal Conductivity 28/Thermal Expansion 16.  R.B. Dinwiddie, M.A. White, and D.L. McElroy eds.  DEStech Publications, Inc.  Lancaster, PA, USA.Hubbart, J., T. Link, C.Campbell, and D. Cobos. 2005. Evaluation of a Low Cost Temperature Measurement System for Environmental Applications. Hydrological Processes 19 (7): 1517-1523.

Heinsch, F.A., J.L. Heilman, K.J. McInnes, D.R. Cobos, D.A. Zuberer, and D.L.Roelke. 2004. Carbon dioxide exchange in a high marsh on the Texas Gulf Coast: effects of freshwater availability. Agricutural & Forest Meteorology 125: (1-2) 159-172

D.R. Cobos and J.M. Baker. 2003. In situ measurement of soil heat flux with the gradient method. Vadose Zone Journal 2: 589-594

D.R Cobos and J.M. Baker. 2003. Evaluation and Modification of a Domeless Net Radiometer. Agronomy Journal. 95:177-183.

D.R. Cobos, J.M. Baker, E.A. Nater. 2002. Conditional Sampling for Measuring Mercury Vapor Fluxes. Atmospheric Environment. 36(27): 4309-4321.

C.S. Campbell, J.L. Heilman, K.J. McInnes, L.T. Wilson, J.C. Medley, C.W. Wu, D.R. Cobos. 2001. Seasonal variation in radiation use efficiency of irrigated rice. Agricultural & Forest Meteorology. 110(1):45-54.

C.S. Campbell, J.L. Heilman, K.J. McInnes, L.T. Wilson, J.C. Medley, C.W. Wu, D.R. Cobos. 2001. Diel and Seasonal Variation in CO2 Flux of Irrigated Rice. Agricultural & Forest Meteorology. 108(1):15-27.

J.L. Heilman, F.A. Heinsch, D.R. Cobos, K.J. McInnes. 2000. (E)nergy Balance of a High Marsh on the Texas Gulf Coast: Effect of Water Availability. Journal of Geophysical Research-Atmospheres. 105(D17):22371-2237.

J. L. Heilman, D. R. Cobos, F. A. Heinsch, C. S. Campbell, and K. J. McInnes. 1999. Tower-Based Conditional Sampling for Measuring Ecosystem-Scale Carbon Dioxide Exchange in Coastal Wetlands. Estuaries. 22:584-591.

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