Data From Above Providing Knowledge About the Earth

Bruce E. Frazier
Data From Above Providing Knowledge About the Earth

Mountain Soils GIS imageGeographic information systems (GIS) coupled with remote sensing techniques have become the premier tools in landscape management, planning, and in characterization of specific environments. State and federal agencies are responsible to the public for managing vast areas of wildlands in the State of Washington. Private land owners, while deriving economic benefit, are responsible for management of their lands such that environmental impacts are not detrimental to the general public.

Dr. Bruce Frazier‘s research focuses on developing GIS and remote sensing techniques to efficiently bring new knowledge of the earth from distant positions where the earth may be viewed in its entirety into the planning process. The result is objective data without influence from ownership or economics.

Wildlands provide an excellent venue to study soil formation, having minimal human disturbance. Modeling the distribution of soils using a combination of remotely sensed data, GIS technology, and ground verification provides insight into resource capability, and thus, impacts resource management alternatives.   Remote sensing data can also provide information about the surface condition of tilled lands. The health of tilled soil affects crop yields, the quality of runoff water, and also air quality. How do we minimize the impacts of food and fiber production in fragile environments? Dr. Frazier is researching the ability to detect surface roughness and carbohydrate content of the surface soil using satellite data derived from the middle infrared wavelengths of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Dr. Frazier’s research incorporates data from several NASA sponsored satellites as well as radar image data from Canada’s RADARSAT and digital and film-based aerial photographs.

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