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History of the Department of Agronomy and Soils, WSU

1889-1984 (95 years)

(B. Rodney Bertramson, Ed., 1986)

  1. Exordium (Bertramson) (pdf) 
  2. In the Beginning (Bertramson) (pdf)
  3. Capital Outlay–Facilities (Bertramson) (pdf)
  4. Resident Instruction
    1. General Comments (Bertramson) (pdf)
    2. The Teaching of Soils at WSU (Hausenbuiller) (pdf)
    3. Student Activities (Hausenbuiller) (pdf)
  5. Research
    1. Overview (Bertramson) (pdf)
      1. Close Cooperation with USDA
      2. Closer Cooperation with Farmers, Industry, and within Department
      3. Coordination of Research Efforts and Information
      4. Trends in Faculty Composition
    2. Crop Science Research Programs and Ancillaries
      1. Winter Wheat Improvement in Washington (Vogel) (pdf)
      2. History of Forage Program (Bertramson) (pdf)
      3. Dry Pea and Lentil Program (Muehlbauer) (pdf)
      4. History of the Weed Program (Rasmussen) (pdf)
      5. Mutation Studies and Plant Breeding–Barley, Spring Wheat, Oats (Bertramson) (pdf)
      6. Seed Technology and Seed Lab (Maguire) (pdf)
      7. History of Crop Physiology (Warner) (pdf)
    3. Soil Science Research Programs and Ancillaries
      1. Soil Fertility (Koehler) (pdf) (html)
      2. Soil Microbiology and Biochemistry (Bezdicek, Cheng, Gardner) (pdf)
      3. Soil Physics (Gardner) (pdf)
      4. Soil Testing (see Extension)
      5. Soil Survey, Classification, Genesis, and Morphology (Bertramson, Busacca) (pdf)
      6. Soil Chemistry and Clay Mineralogy (Bertramson) (pdf)
      7. Soil Conservation and Management (Papendick) (pdf)
  6. Extension
    1. Extension in Agronomy (Morrison) (pdf)
    2. Soil Testing and Soils Extension (Halvorson) (pdf-Text) (pdf-Appendices)
    3. Weed Control and Extension Program (see History of Weed Program)
  7. Epilogue (Bertramson) (pdf)
  8. Agronomy and Soils Roster (Bertramson) (pdf)
  9. Related USDA Programs
    1. USDA Wheat Quality Lab (Rubenthaler)
    2. USDA Plant Materials Center (Schwendiman)
    3. USDA Plant Introduction Center (Hudson)
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