Affiliated Projects

BioM-cellulose samples

The importance of other research at Washington State University involving biofuel and cellulosic ethanol production must not be overlooked.

The projects listed below address issues directly related to the Biofuels Cropping Systems project, but are not being currently funded by the state initiative.

Manipulating the AT-hook Motif Nuclear Localized (AHL) Gene Family for Bigger Seeds with Improved Stand Establishment

2016 Progress Report
2015 Progress Report
2014 Progress Report 
2013 Progress Report

2012 Progress Report
2011 Progress Report
2010 Progress Report

Arundo donax for Biomass Ethanol, Fiber, Carbon Sequestration

2008 Project Update

Tall Wheatgrass

2008 Project Update

Wheat Straw Genomics

2008 Project Update

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