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Pushing Canola in Washington State (YouTube Video)

Spring Canola Production in Eastern Washington (YouTube Video)

Canola Production and Research in Washington State (YouTube Video)

Seed Suppliers

2018 Spring Oilseed Supply (pdf) (updates will be posted as they are received)

Canola and Herbicides

Canola Herbicide Carryover Chart (pdf)

Variety Trial Results


University of Idaho

National Winter Canola Variety Trial Results


Seed Suppliers

2018 Spring Oilseed Suppliers (pdf) (updates will be posted as they are received)

2017 Winter Oilseed Supply List (pdf)

Fact Sheets

Canola Integration into Semi-Arid Wheat Cropping Systems of the Inland Pacific Northwestern USA (pdf). (2016 article from Australian journal by Bill Pan, Frank Young, Tai Maaz, and Dave Huggins; includes data and information from the WOCS project)

4R Nitrogen Management When Integrating Canola into Semi-arid Wheat (pdf) (2017 article by several WOCS faculty and grad students, as well as UI and OSU oilseed faculty)

See the Publications page for a complete listing of peer-reviewed journal articles, abstracts, and others related to the WOCS project

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