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Oilseed Crop Production Workshop, 2011

Crowd listening to a presentation at the 2011 Oilseed Crop Production Workshop

Three oilseed crop production workshops were held the last week of January at Okanogan, Reardan and Colfax, Washington. Presenters included regional producers, university researchers, agency personnel, and industry representatives. Attendance surpassed 250 during the three days, indicating a renewed interest in utilizing oilseed crops for rotation benefits, potential economic advantages, high quality meal for livestock, and ‘home-grown’ biodiesel. Click on the titles below to access presentations from the workshops.

Herbicide Plantback Restrictions and Potential Residual Problems (pdf)

Jared Bell, Washington State University

Irrigation Management of Oilseed Crops (Canola, Camelina, Safflower) in Eastern Washington (pdf)

Hal Collins, USDA-ARS Prosser, An Hang, Karen Sowers and Bill Pan, Washington State University

Oilseed Variety Selection (pdf)

Jim Davis and Jack Brown, University of Idaho

Pursuit Carryover Damage on Spring Canola and Mustard (photos) (pdf)

Jim Davis and Jack Brown, University of Idaho

Winter Canola Feasibility in Rotation with Winter Wheat (pdf)

Aaron Esser, WSU

Camelina – A Potential New Oilseed For Washington, Idaho and Oregon (pdf)

Stephen Guy, Washington State University and Jim Davis, University of Idaho

Re-evaluating Fertility Recommendations for Canola: The Nitrogen Catch and Release Crop (pdf)

Ashley Hammac, Rich Koenig and Bill Pan; Washington State University

Seeding Technology of Oilseed Crops (pdf)

David Huggins, USDA-ARS Pullman

Is it Possible Canola Will Work for You? (pdf)

Bob Hutchens, Dayton, WA

How to Feed Your Canola (pdf)

Tom Jensen, International Plant Nutrition Institute, Saskatoon, SK

Oilseeds and Washington’s Bioenergy Initiative (pdf)

Mary Beth Lang, Washington State Department of Agriculture

Biodiesel State of the Nation 2011 (pdf)

Phil Linden, Washington State University

Harvesting Canola with a Pusher (photos) (pdf)

Kevin Lyle, Connell

Whitman Conservation District Crushing and Cost-Share (pdf)

Kimberly Morse, Whitman Conservation District

Canola Experiment on Pursuit Ground (pdf)

Rich Olson, Garfield, WA

Washington State Biofuel Cropping Opportunities and Challenges (pdf)

Bill Pan, Washington State University

Crop Insurance Options for Oilseed Crops (pdf)

Jonquil Rood, Risk Management Agency

Stand Establishment of Irrigated Winter Canola (photos) (pdf)

Jeff Schibel, Odessa, WA

Stand Establishment of Oilseed Crops (camelina data) (pdf)

Bill Schillinger, WSU Lind Field Station

Economic Returns to Canola Rotations in Eastern Washington (pdf)

Nathan Skuza and Vicki McCracken, Washington State University

Oilseed-based Biodiesel Research and End-Use Markets (pdf)

Joe Thompson, University of Idaho

Insect and Disease Pests of Canola (pdf)

Dale Whaley, Washington State University

Oilseed Crops and Farm Programs (pdf)

Kathy Wolfe, USDA-FSA Colfax

Weed Management Strategies in Oilseed Crops (pdf)

Joe Yenish, formerly with WSU; Frank Young, USDA-ARS; and Ian Burke, Washington State University

Introducing Winter Canola in the Wheat-Fallow Region of North Central WA (pdf)

Frank Young and Larry McGrew, USDA-ARS Pullman; Dennis Roe, Karen Sowers and Eric Zakariason, WSU


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