Future Energy Conference, 2011

Landscape with a farmhouse, hills, and wind turbines.

The Washington 2011 Future Energy Conference, held October 18-19 in Seattle included Bioenergy as one of the four tracks. WSU and USDA-ARS researchers and WSDA participated in the session: Biofuels Crops – The Future is Now. Recent results of cropping systems research on canola, camelina, and cellulosic feedstocks such as switchgrass were presented. Presentations from the entire conference will soon be available on the Pacific Region Bioenergy Partnership website.

Biomass: Biofuel Feedstocks (pdf)

Hal Collins, USDA-ARS Prosser, WA

Development of Camelina as a Northwest Oilseed Crop (pdf)

Scot Hulbert, WSU Pullman

Washington State Biofuels Production Facilities (pdf)

Mary Beth Lang, WA State Department of Agriculture

Bioenergy Crops: Canola (pdf)

Frank Young, USDA-ARS and Bill Pan, WSU-Pullman

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