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2017 Annual WOCS Meeting

Ely Walker presenting at the 2017 Annual WOCS Meeting in Pullman.
Ely Walker presents information about dual-purpose canola at the 2017 Annual WOCS Meeting in Pullman.


Faculty and students from the WOCS team, UI faculty and staff, canola producers, crop consultants, and agency personnel came together in late February for the annual WOCS meeting. The day included presentations with the most recent research findings and Extension activities and invited presentations from Dr. Jim Moyer and Dr. Rich Koenig, followed by stakeholder input from invited attendees. Lots of ideas were generated that will be implemented this year and next to guide research and Extension efforts. Below are presentations from the meeting.

WSU-WOCS Team Presentations:

Seeding Rate and Chem Fallow Management (pdf)  – Ian Burke

Spring Oilseed in Rotation at Wilke Farm (pdf) – Aaron Esser and Derek Appel

Fall Agronomic Management of Biennial Canola for Winter Survival (pdf) – Steve Fransen and Don Llewellyn

Rotational Effects of Oilseed Crops: The Wittle Bugs Weally Do Matter (pdf) – Jeremy Hansen, Bill Schillinger, Tarah Sullivan, and Tim Paulitz

Camelina Breeding (pdf) – Scot Hulbert

Canola Fertility on Fire! (pdf) – Tai Maaz, Isaac Madsen, Ashley Hammac, Bill Pan, and Haiying Tao

Economics – Can Oilseeds Improve the Bottom Line in a Cereal Rotation? (pdf)– Vicki McCracken

Research Findings in Moisture Management and Residue Management for Winter Canola (pdf) – Laban Molsee, Frank Young, Larry McGrew, and Dennis Roe

Modification of Hypocotyl Length and Seed Size in Camelina and Canola via Manipulation of the AHL Gene Family (pdf)Michael Neff

Washington Oilseed Cropping Systems Research 2016 (Diseases) (pdf) – Timothy Paulitz

WOCS Extension and Outreach: Boots on the Ground (pdf) – Dennis Roe and Karen Sowers

Oilseed Cropping Systems Research in the Drylands (pdf) – Bill Schillinger, John Jacobsen, Tim Paulitz, and Jeremy Hansen

Winter Canola Studies: Grazing, Planting Date and Fertility Management (pdf) – Haiying Tao

Dual-Purpose Winter Canola: Forage, Silage, and Grain Production (pdf) – Ely Walker, Don Llewellyn, and Steve Fransen

Canola Insect Pest Insecticide Trial (pdf) – Dale Whaley, Aaron Esser, and David Crowder

Washington State Department of Agriculture Presentations:

Oilseeds and Biofuels in Washington State, 2017 (pdf) – Mary Beth Lang

University of Idaho Presentations:

University of Idaho Canola, Rapeseed and Mustard Update 2017 (pdf) – Jack Brown, Jim Davis, and Megan Wingerson

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