2016 Annual WOCS Meeting

Rich Koenig shares his thoughts during the annual WOCS meeting
Rich Koenig, Associate Dean and Director of Extension and Interim Chair of Crop & Soil Sciences, shares his thoughts during the annual WOCS meeting

Planter Study and Chem Fallow Management (pdf) – Ian Burke

Spring Canola in Rotation at WSU Wilke Farm (pdf) – Aaron Esser and Derek Appel

Development of HT Camelina Varieties (pdf) – Scot Hulbert

Oilseeds, Biofuels, and Washington’s Bioenergy Initiative – Mary Beth Lang, WA Department of Agriculture

Economic Returns to Canola Rotations in Eastern Washington (pdf) – Vicki McCracken and Tai Maaz

Modification of Hypocotyl Length and Seed Size in Camelina and Canola via Manipulation of the AHL Gene Family (pdf) –Michael Neff

Washington Oilseed Cropping Systems Project – History and Future; Soil Fertility and Root Research Update (pdf) – Bill Pan, Isaac Madsen, Tai Maaz

Canola Acreage on the Increase (pdf) – Dennis Roe

WOCS Extension and Outreach (pdf) – Karen Sowers

Dryland and Irrigated Oilseed Cropping Systems (pdf) – Bill Schillinger and Jeremy Hansen

Utilization of Winter Canola for Grain and Silage (pdf) – Ely Walker, Steve Fransen and Don Llewellyn

Winter Canola Production in the Low to Intermediate Rainfall Zones of the PNW (pdf) – Frank Young, Megan Reese and Tai Maaz

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